Bringing Light into the Darkness – The Christmas Miracle!

Posted by on Dec 27, 2011 in Abortion, In the News, In the Streets, Media, Testimony

For sure Michelle Wolven of Atlanta, Georgia, has been allowing the light of Jesus to shine through her.  She is a mother of nine and happily married to her husband Mike for twenty-four years.  For those of us who know Mike, we are well aware of the major accomplishment and miracle this is.  As a result of Michelle’s work, the abortion industry in Atlanta is...

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European Mission Trip Report – Mike Warren, Dave Lackey, Miss Pat

Posted by on Dec 21, 2011 in Abortion, In the News, In the Streets, Testimony

Mike Warren gives a first-hand view of how the Gospel of Christ is progressing in Turkey, Amsterdam, and Poland.  Our three valiant missionaries have witnessed some of the trials and tribulations our Lord’s church suffers in these lands when the light of the Gospel of Christ shines in the darkness.  Here it is! Enjoy!   ~...

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Jimmy and Jerry are Free – Thank You Jesus!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011 in In the News, Media, Testimony

 Here is Cal Zastrow’s report of what happened to his son Jimmy and hi team leader, Jerry Crawford while on a missions trip in China.  This is so well written (lots of purposefully misspelled words) and expresses such an eternal truth of a father’s pride in his son standing strong for Jesus.  Thank you all for your prayers.  They have all been answered.  And...

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Backward Christian Soldiers

Posted by on Dec 15, 2011 in Testimony

Miss Pat just sent me this.  How true this song is. It is simply time for all of us to repent. ~ Flip Backward Christian Soldiers Backward Christian soldiers, fleeing from the fight, With the cross of Jesus, nearly out of sight! Christ our rightful Master, stands against the foe, But forward into battle, we are loath to go. Like a mighty tortoise, moves the Church...

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Jerry Crawford and Jimmy Zastrow Detained in China!

Posted by on Dec 14, 2011 in Testimony

This just in from Mike Warren.  Please lift our brothers up in prayer. ~ Flip Hello Friends, Dec. 2nd Jerry Crawford joined 14 other Christian missionaries in China to bring Christian supplies into the interior of the country. He also brought evangelism tools into these interior cities to distribute booklets into towns at night. He is now detained with his team mate...

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