Incrementalism vs. Principle

Posted by on Jan 29, 2018 in Miscellaneous

Satan is the ultimate incrementalist. We see it in the “frog in the water” scenario. You do not thrust a frog in a boiling pan of water. You put a frog in a pan of lukewarm water and then slowly heat it up incrementally. The works of Satan’s lies and murder are accomplished in this deceitful manner. Christians should not adopt this as a Kingdom...

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OSA’s Spring Regional Event: Time for Justice

Posted by on Jan 23, 2018 in Miscellaneous

TIME FOR JUSTICE March 2-6th, 2018 Oklahoma City, OK. For the last couple of years we have been working feverishly to implement the doctrines of Interposition and the Lesser Magistrate. God has answered our prayers and raised up a champion for His cause to end the American holocaust one state at a time. The state is Oklahoma. The godly statesman championing the cause...

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