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Exposing the Lie of Islam

December 27, 2001

Exposing the Lie of Islam

In this day of religious pluralism where all "gods" are to be tolerated, we Christians are called to draw a line in the sand. We must stand upon the fact that Jesus Christ alone is God and apart from Him there is no other. This is the reason we are placing the enclosed brochure in your hands. If we love our neighbors lost in the lie of Islam, we must love them enough to tell them the truth. If we love our brothers and sisters who claim the Name of Christ, we must love them enough to tell them that Islam and Christianity cannot peacefully coexist. They are at war (Genesis 3:15).

There is no common ground between the two any more than there is common ground between Christianity and abortion or Christianity and homosexuality. Yet, in our desire to get along with everybody and be at peace, we are accepting every moral depravity and religious heresy known to man without the slightest whimper. Listen to Robert Schuller's wholehearted support for "positive" Islam in his endorsement of Bill Baker's book, More in Common Than You Think (Baker is the founder and President of CAMP, Christians and Muslims for Peace):

"The coming century will most surely witness either a coalition or a collision between Islam and Christianity. I have a dream, that positive believers from both religions will find each other, and once finding each other, and helping each other, can and will write a new history, a new legacy for the world: from collision to coalition. True believers in God must move our society and our world from compatibility to compatibility; from intolerance to tolerance; positive Christians and Muslims becoming partners in peace."

The Muslim cleric of the mosque in Richardson, Texas, gave me this book when we brought the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the gates of his mosque. We came with a banner saying, "Jesus is the Standard," with the cross of Christ in front of the American flag. We also brought signs saying, "Jesus is the Way" and "Jesus is Alive." After about ten minutes, several Muslims came to ask us about our presence there. We gave them the brochure. They said they agreed with the first two tenants but felt the third was very intolerant. Then some of the younger ones tried to wrest the signs and banners from our hands. One American Muslim lady ripped the sign out of Kristene Odell's hands while screaming at her at the top of her voice. It reminded me of being at the abortion mill - same battle, just a different manifestation.

For the most part, those lost in this damnable lie were very kind. They invited us for dinner in the mosque and we joined them (about 1,000 of them). We sat at a large table where, much to my surprise, I was reunited with two long- lost friends who had been on the streets with us in 1990 fighting the sin of abortion. As we talked, I realized that, though we stood together on the streets in 1990 for the lives of children, we were separated eternally by a great chasm of truth. They believe a lie, and they believe it wholeheartedly.

We have gone to the mosque several times since and have added a couple more signs, "Islam is a Lie" and "Muhammad is Dead." If we love them, we must tell them the truth! Join us!