The public witness of the value of precious preborn children killed by abortion arouses visceral hatred in the bastions of hell, and in the hearts of men and women trying desperately to cover-up sin exposed.  Rachael’s Park Memorial is a graveyard of over 4,000 crosses commemorating the number of children killed each year by abortion in the United States of America.  This was a vision birthed in the hearts of Rev. Rusty Thomas and His family several years ago to establish a place where mothers and fathers could go to find healing and peace with God for the murder of their sons and daughters. 

Rachael’s Park Memorial has become a “Yad Vashem” (Isaiah 56:5), a “Memorial and a Name” for children killed by abortion.  For those trying to cover-up their sin, it has become a horrible reminder of the truth that abortion is the murder of a precious human being.  For those broken-hearted over the murder of their own child, Rachael’s Park Memorial has become a place of healing and forgiveness.

How one reacts to Rachael’s Park Memorial, is dependent upon which side of the cross he is standing on.    ~ Flip

by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

No sooner did we send out a call to fast and pray today for our national event then we had to send out another call to our local police in Waco, TX. During the dead of night, some cowardly, confused individual or individuals decided to desecrate Rachel’s Park Memorial yet again.

The last time our park was attacked, a car demolished about 300 crosses. Those 300 crosses were a part of a greater feature, which are the four thousand crosses that represent the four thousand children that die each day for the last 38 years since the tyrannical Roe vs. Wade decision.

This time the damage was not as great. The criminals only wiped out 35 crosses. We filed a report with the police and two TV stations came out to report the damage to our community. One of the stations asked if I thought this was in connection to the church moving next door to our local death camp, Planned Parenthood. I told them we have no proof, but surely the timing of this attack is somewhat suspicious. Some may feel we invaded their terrority and they felt the compulsion to do the same.

John Pisciotta of Pro-life Waco sent an email to the executive director of Planned Parenthood, Felicia Goodman, this morning asking her to renounce the violence perpetrated against these hallow grounds. He stated:


Please see attachment for details. This is distressing and totally uncalled for. I hope you will speak out publicly and powerfully against pro-choice violence.

With astonishment and regret,

John Pisciotta

As of yet, we have not heard if she was willing to do this publicly or not.

The reporters asked good questions about the park and the significance of the attack. We were able to communicate three important truths. First, abortion is the intentional destruction of the image bearers of Jesus Christ. God has stamped His image on every human being at the moment of conception. The culture of death fueled by abortion destroys and desecrates that divine image. Why should we then be amazed when pro-abortion advocates would desecrate and destroy a park seeking to honor the image of God.

Secondly, this vicious attack reveals the profound different manifestations of worldviews between Christian Pro-lifers and Pro-abort advocates. When we moved next door to Planned Parenthood, Waco witnessed life, love, light, truth, and children smiling and playing, while Planned Parenthood looked like a compound. The contrast was stark. The destruction to our park is an outward manifestion of the murderous spirit that fuels abortion. In this case, the violence escalated. Those involved with the slaughter of God’s babies not only desire to continue this holocaust, but sought to wipe out the memory of our nameless sons and daughters sacrificed to the altar of convenience.

 Lastly, they asked what message do we have for those who were involved with this hate crime. Our response, “May justice be led to victory. We pray God’s justice be established in their lives and may they take ownership for their sin and crime. We hope they will repent and find the tender mercies and the lovingkindness of God. The truth is, they will never find release of their hatred towards truth by attacking the messengers. It is only by accepting the message that Rachel’s Park Memorial proclaims that all will be made well with their souls through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Here is a short video clip of the crime scene if you care to watch. As soon as the interviews are ready, we will send them out as well. Brethren pray for us!

Rachel’s Park Memorial Desecrated