For years now, the homosexual agenda has been forcefully coming out of the closet. As they do, they are working tirelessly to shove the Church of Jesus Christ into that same closet they vacated. Thankfully, there are still Christians in the land who refuse to go and be silenced by the political and religious correctness that has America by the throat. They will not stand by while America seeks to make straight what God has called crooked. They will not tolerate what God has deemed intolerable. Yes, there are still Christians who seek to obey the Lord and act as salt and light in a nation that is promoting moral decay, sexual anarchy and ethical corruption. The following report is by Rev. Flip Benham who attended this homosexual lust-fest. ~ Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
by Rev. Flip Benham – Director of Operation Save America    

They denied us a booth.  They denied us a sound permit.  They denied us the right to assemble without first attaining a permit.  They did everything possible to censor the Gospel of Christ from the streets of Salisbury during the Salisbury Pride lust fest.  Why would the Mayor of Salisbury, the Salisbury City Council, the Salisbury Post, and Salisbury Pride, collude in an attempt to nullify the First Amendment Rights of its citizens?  What animus do these folks have against the Gospel of Christ? 

If the United States Congress shall make no law prohibiting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof, how much less the city of Salisbury.  But the city of Salisbury has crafted an unconstitutional city ordinance requiring any citizen that joins with another citizen (2 or more) to promote a cause or a person, to first obtain a permit to be issued by the Salisbury Police Department.

This little ordinance is a stunning attack on the presentation of the Gospel of Christ and the First Amendment.  We have the Constitutional Right to freedom of assembly (without permit).  The Bible calls us to go out by two’s.  We are promised that wherever two or more are gathered together in the Name of Jesus – He is in our midst. 

Oh, maybe that’s why the city ordinance mentions (2 or more).  And maybe that’s why the city of Salisbury did not want unpermitted Christians (Hey, you have to have a license to drive a car, don’t you? ) to attend Salisbury Pride’s parade on the corner of Fisher and Main.  Maybe Jesus would shine a bright light on a sin that destroys those who practice it and nations that approve of it. 

Jesus is the problem isn’t He?  The city of Salisbury doesn’t want Him on the streets while proudly parading its sin in the public square.  Salisbury police and undercover agents were everywhere.  They had the Mobile Command Unit and the scissors lift out to monitor the “violent” Christians who might disturb the peace of those whose only unifying factor is sex – public, perverted, vile, in your face, sex.

How can we disturb what they don’t have?  There is no peace for the wicked.  The peace they long for can be found only in Christ. 

Thank God that over 200 Christians from many area churches came to the streets of Salisbury, in spite of the possibility of arrest, to lift up the Name of Jesus.  The Chief of Police noted that there were simply too many Christians to make arrests.  Wow!  The power of the Church of Jesus Christ.  We are more than we have become.

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