Pastor Clint Decker is a friend of Don and Venita Rosenow from Clay Center, Kansas.  Don and Venita have been long time friends of Operations Save America and have attended many (Don has attended almost all) of our National Summer Events.  They invited Pastor Clint to attend and God made a way for him to join all of us in Orlando.  Here is Pastor Clint’s report.

Enjoy! ~ Flip

Prayer Partners,

Greetings in Christ! Just a few days ago I got back home from a jam-packed-six-day-ministry-trip to Orlando, Florida. It was the annual National Event for Operation Save America (OSA). I was invited to attend by some friends. The trip left ministry stretch marks all over me. Most of the things I did, I have never done before.
During my time I participated in several outreaches including two abortion clinics, the neighborhoods of two abortion doctors, an Islamic mosque, joined in two memorial services for aborted babies and attended the jury trial of a local abortion doctor in Orange County district court and all I can say is “Wow!”.
As I saw it, OSA sees themselves primarily as biblical evangelists.  They preach the gospel in the open air at the places were sin is tolerated and growing like a noxious weed. They passionately, courageously and steadfastly call men and women to Christ through exposing the sins of abortion, homosexuality, the false religion of Islam and other sins plaguing our nation. I agree with their main message of repentance. It is the same as the Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist, Jesus and the early church. Apostle Peter declared in the open air, “Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19-20).  
I had the opportunity to preach the good news from a sidewalk to some National Organization for Women (NOW) volunteers that were in support of the local clinic. What a joy! When women walked into the clinics I joined with others in urging them to choose a better way for their unborn baby. I prayed the Scriptures to myself interceding on behalf of the people and the unborn babies going in and out of the clinics. When a Muslim outside the local mosque told me, “I am drawn to Islam because Allah gives me peace” I lifted up Jesus and urged Him to turn from Allah and to Christ who offers true and lasting peace.  

I visited with a woman who walked by an abortion clinic holding her three week old grandbaby.  She said her daughter nearly followed through on an abortion at the clinic. Praise God she didn’t. Also, praise God that she listened as we shared the gospel she along with her cousin yielded their lives to Jesus.

While eating lunch at a park with our group one day, God led me to visit with a local gentleman sitting by himself, Phillip. He was a Haitian man who spoke broken English. As we visited I turned the corner and God opened the doors to share the gospel. Awhile later we kneeled at the picnic bench with two other believers that came over and Phillip prayed to surrender his life to Jesus.   Amen!

I went with my opinions about this type of ministry based on what I have heard from mainstream secular and Christian media over the years. Neither media group seemed to encourage this type of ministry based on their history of reporting.   However, I’m sold on it! Yes, I didn’t agree with everything I saw and heard, but most of it I did. And, I can’t deny the fruit of their labors. It is a fact that God has used them to save thousands of babies and thousands of lost souls. They weep over them and the sins of our nation. They are passionate to be holy as God is holy. They are some model biblical preachers, mining the Word for its deep truths and sharing it with others. They love in word and deed giving themselves in countless ways and they identify with the sufferings of Christ. Yet, they continue on because of their love for Jesus and others. What an inspiration they were to me to set my face like flint toward the cross of Christ and press on in faith, boldness and holy love.        

A Slave of Christ,
Clint Decker
President & Evangelist
Great Awakenings, Inc
107 S. 7th St. 
Clay Center, KS  67432
785-632-5063 (ph/fax), 785-632-7146 (cell)
Follow-up response from Sister Kay Tyree: What a great testimony Pastor Decker. May I tell you that when Operation Save America came to New Orleans, my city, I got down on my knees after the event and asked God what He thought of Operation Save America. He said to my spirit: “It’s my godly steed.”  Ever since then I have attended many OSA events (in fact this is one of the first our church hasn’t attended, so I’m glad you went!). If we want to ride with Jesus we need to get on the horse with Him and stay in the battle until the end.
Love and prayers,
Sister Katy Tyree
New Covenant Fellowship
New Orleans, Louisiana