The precious gentle warriors in Connecticut are amazing us all with what God can do with a few who fear nothing but God and allow Him to work powerfully through them.  Here is the Connecticut report for July, 2011.

Enjoy! ~ Flip

July 2011

94 babies killed by surgical abortions in Bridgeport

7 babies were saved from death

2 salvations

81 babies were killed at PP in New Haven on Saturdays

1 salvation

We had an awesome OSA National Event in Orlando, July 16-23 Fifteen people from Connecticut went, here are some of us with Pastor Mike's groupWe had a baby shower for Danielle. It was an awesome time of fellowship with her family and friends. She got all the baby items she needed, PTL!


These are a set of twin girls that were born Aug 3, to a happy couple!


The doctors tried to get this mom (in her 40's) to abort this precious boy but she did not and look at him!










The proud mother of this little girl Liana, who was born August 3rd!


...andt the proud father of Liana, who was born August 3rd ! PTL! Three babies born in one day!













We went to visit Danielle who had her baby Friday August 5, 2011. Four baby girls were born that one week! PTL!Here is Marilyn holding this precious child!


















These two young men are fruit of our ministries. God shows us these things to encourage us to go on. We were able to help their moms back 17 years ago when they made the right decision. These are two fine young men who both love the Lord!

Please join us each Tuesday, Friday and Saturday as we reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be!

For the Least of These,

Marilyn Carroll