Here is Chet’s call for all of us to be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Mississippi who are storming the gates of hell (abortion) in the strong Name of Jesus.  The “Personhood” vote on (Amendment 26) is today.

Pray that God will loose from heaven what already has been loosed in the state of Mississippi.  Faith in God’s Word, and God’s Word alone.  The Sword of the Spirit has been unsheathed by the saints in Mississippi.  Now, Lord God, watch over Your Word to perform it in Jesus’ magnificent Name. ~ Flip

We needed a final days effective strategy. We are not going to be “working” the polls or just “going” to the polls or recruiting folks to “get” to the polls. We encourage many who can to do so. But today, my partner in prayer, Ron Duhe, who first joined me in Mississippi on Jan 23rd 2009, is joining me today to “PRAY THE POLLS.”

We will strive to run this race to the very end today, running from polling place to polling place, from seven AM to seven PM in the seven southern Mississippi Counties we have worked since our arrival. We’ve been privileged to petition together, speak to pastors and churches together, walk the streets together, sing and cry out and rejoice together and we have prayed often together for the shedding on innocent blood to end. 

I can’t think of one thing we haven’t done that has been productive and we have been praying all along. But I am not convinced I have prayed enough, so that’s what I must ensure is done on this final day. But not just praying in this Mississippi cottage. Nope, we are going out to pray my favorite way: “Praying ON-SITE with INSIGHT.” Like the murder mills where babies die, these are the last place where Christians and others will enter. Will they choose life or death? I want them to see us praying they will choose life!

 So pray for us and please send this to every Mississippian you know. 

Jesus is King and we must serve Him!

 Chet Gallagher