Doug Huband is a good friend of mine.  He is a great writer and deep theological thinker.  He brings what happened in Mississippi yesterday to the fore.  He does it by a very short satire. 

Note:  In the satire, it was the Israelites not the Philistines that were the biggest impediments to the passage of Amendment 26. 

~ Flip


Philistine-Educated Israelites Vote To Suppress Truth.  Philistines Rejoice

In a surprise to many yesterday, the vast majority of Israelites in the land of Mississippi voted down a change to the ruling Philistine’s Constitution.   The amendment, which stated in part, “The LORD is God Almighty.  His Moral Laws must be obeyed.  Among these are: ‘Thou Shalt not Kill the Innocent,’ ” was handily defeated.

Philistines rejoiced at the news of the amendment’s defeat.  “Yes!  The killings will continue!   Let’s party!” exclaimed one Philistine woman.  Many Israelites were also relieved.  “Our birth-suppression choices would have been limited by this terrible amendment,” sobbed  one Israelite husband. “And what about MY RIGHT to life?!” exclaimed an indignant Israelitess.  “Sure, everyone knows a unique human life begins at fertilization, but who really cares about that?” 

Philistine leaders promised more social welfare programs to the majority Israelites, provided they continue to support the Philistine ruling class.  Education is a key component to the Philistine agenda.  “Please, by all means, keep sending your children to our schools,” said one Philistine leader. “And don’t listen to your crazy prophets and turn off your Philistine televisions and actually start educating them yourselves.  Everyone already knows this would be a foolish waste of your precious time and resources.”  He continued, “We taught you and your parents well, and we will continue to give your children the best education that your tribute to us can buy.”   

But the Israelite prophets, though reviled and ignored by many of their own people, vowed to continue the fight.  “We will never give up the Truth of our God,”  one prominent prophet declared as he boldly preached before the Temple of Dagon.  “We will never give in to the deception and lies of the Philistines.”  Then he lifted his eyes to heaven and said the following, though his words were barely audible,  “Father, forgive your people.” Then He cried out, “For they do not yet understand what they have done to YOU!”