Our brother Chet shares his heart and the heart of our heavenly Father in a unique perspective of what happened as the Church of Jesus Christ in Mississippi failed to do what only she can do – storm the gates of hell so that they will not prevail!

Pray and think upon this.  ~Flip


From where it first started, tragically the slaughter continues…

Many of you, dear friends and more, have interceded passionately, crying out to God for the personhood efforts here in Mississippi to succeed. All of us “on the ground” want to thank you for doing so faithfully. Surely God is pleased with your cries to heaven on behalf of the least of His. I was not surprised to receive many messages, phone calls, and e-mails this morning after the announcement last night that the smallest and most helpless baby boys and girls in Mississippi would continue to be crushed within their mothers womb. I told Flip that I was grieving both for the babies who will die day after day and also for the church members who welcomed and embraced the enemies’ stratagems. Tens of thousands here drank in every implausible argument to justify their defiance of the Word of God, casting their vote to let the killing continue unabated. “God is not mocked…”

On Monday, Fox news reported accurately our declaration that “It’s always a baby…it’s always been a baby…it will always be a baby and there’s never a good reason to kill an innocent child in the womb.” Still abortion would ultimately not end in Mississippi, where it began first in 1966, due largely to the complicity and/or inaction of the church.  So often I heard these words from those naming the name of Jesus, “I’m prolife but this bill confuses me.” “I can’t vote for this because I’ll lose my birth control and IVF will be banned.” Only 48 hours ago I had discovered a verse I’d never seen, Isaiah 59:4 says in the NKJV: “No one calls for justice, Nor does [any] plead for truth. They trust in empty words and speak lies; They conceive evil and bring forth iniquity,” and so the reason this evil was “conceived” and iniquity was brought forth is because, rather than choosing His Words of life, they chose to “trust in” empty words or as the NASB translates, “trust in confusion.

Still many God fearing believers prayed and passed out tens of thousands of pieces of literature denouncing the deceit; in fact, we were privileged to have over 70 friends come here to Mississippi from 14 states join us in the final days. In the end all we could do was to cry out to God and so on election day I invited Ron Duhe, my stalwart 70 year old comrade, to join me in one final day’s intercession. Rising early on Tuesday we drove through all seven southern Mississippi counties that we’d first petitioned in together nearly two years earlier. We determined to pray “on-site with insight” traveling to every polling place we could reach from 7 AM to 7 PM. We believed it was all we had left we could do, and found it to be a liberating and Spirit empowering 12 hours of intercession!

We certainly stumble along the way, even may question the outcome of our labor for Him; still He allows us to finish strong, imparting confidence to go from this place better equipped than ever to fight this good fight of faith. Montana, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Florida, Oklahoma and more are before us AND…you are invited to “just show up” on the next battleground. Make no mistake I do not minimize the significant tragedy of this defeat, nor the casualties that will follow, but let these words of William Wilberforce challenge you and me to move forward, pressing tenaciously toward the prize of ending the slaughter: 

“So enormous, so dreadful, so irremediable did the trade’s wickedness appear that my own mind was completely made up for abolition. Let the consequences be what they would: I from this time determined that I would never rest until I had effected its abolition.”

No King but King Jesus!