Through the last several decades of blood, sweat, tears, trial, and error, of fighting the battle to end abortion certain truths have emerged. We have mined Biblical principles, historical lessons, and Biblical strategies that are time honored and tested. These truths actually hold keys that will no longer just fight abortions, but actually has the ability to end the scourge of abortion. We must, however, have the courage of conviction to apply them. They all pass Biblical, historical, and Constitutional muster. It is these truths Operation Save America seeks to present through our newest project called “Make the Pledge” campaign.

I’ve heard from some that are very much concerned about making too “radical” of pledge. They want to know is this really necessary? Well, let’s examine the facts.

This holocaust has gone on unabated for 45 years.

Roe vs. Wade revoked America’s national covenant of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and established a Covenant with Death that has fueled the blood lust of man.

Under the color of law, lawlessness has been unleashed upon our nation. Violence has begot violence. Bloodshed touched bloodshed. It breaks out like a plague.

Evil has been codified into law, which has produced tyranny at the federal level and licentiousness amongst our citizens.

What has been the response to this national sin that has brought national calamity upon us? The pro-life movement staggers under the weight of blood guiltiness enforced by the old Roe paradigm. In the midst of this travesty, most of the church and the pro-life movement have chosen to try and regulate baby murder, instead of ending it.

Both pro-choice and pro-life groups and politicians have treated abortion as a healthcare issue. The pro-life movement believes that it can be resolved by legal technicalities. They use the very language of those who advocate the murder of the preborn. This language has determined our failed actions to end the American holocaust.

The church and pro-life movement have refused, for the most part, to come into agreement with God’s assessment concerning abortion. It is a crime. God calls it murder and it needs to be penalized by law

Tragically, much of the church and the pro-life movement have inadvertently created a pro-life hamster wheel that has been bottle necked by the Supreme Court that mistakenly believe they are the Supreme Being. God declared, “Thou shall not murder.” He did not add an addendum that stipulated, “Unless the Supreme Court of the United States rules otherwise.

After 45 years, we have ended up fighting abortions, but have not ended abortion. The unmitigated carnage continues under our watch.

It is this tragic reality that makes this pledge needed and necessary. Someone once stated, “Insanity is doing something over and over again, expecting different results.” Perhaps, it is time for Christians rethink our approach, strategies, and commitment to end the American holocaust. We must do more than just plead the case of the fatherless. God commands we plead their case to win it (Jeremiah 5:28).

For the last several years of discipling, mentoring and educating on the paradigm shift, it is crucial to add some teeth to make it effectual. Pro-life/Pro-family groups and Republican politicians need to know from here on out, there is an accountability that they can no longer afford to ignore. It is time to break the stronghold of the pro-life hamster wheel that is bottle necked by the Supreme Court. As the ole saying goes, “They will not see the light until they feel the heat.”

Two Commitments to the Pledge

Commitment Number One: No pro-life/pro-family groups get any money if they hold to the views, strategies, approaches, and failures that binds God’s people to the failed strategy of the last 45 years. No more waiting for Republican presidents, congressmen, and the Supreme Court to overturn Roe. No more treating abortion like the pro-aborts do using their language (abortion is a healthcare issue) that can be resolved by legal technicalities. Until pro-life/pro-family groups come into agreement with God’s assessment that abortion is murder and needs to be penalized by law, they receive no money from you and you need to tell that to them.

Commitment Number Two: No Republican or pro-life candidate gets any votes, money or support for their campaign unless they are committed to sponsor and sign into law at the state level a bill of abolition that treats abortion as murder and is penalized by law.

We are currently working on our website to add a page that promotes this campaign. It will lay out the entire vision. It will have all the necessary teachings, response letters to pro-life/pro-family groups and politicians announcing that you have made the pledge and they will now be held accountable. There will also be the principles, videos, an example of a bill of abolition and the criteria that defines the necessary elements that make up a solid bill of abolition. It will lay out the Biblical doctrines that undergirds this campaign that will help you articulate the vision.

When this is completed, we will need your help to spread this as far and wide as possible. You can use on Facebook, email, twitter, Instagram etc. You can consider doing a live feed on Facebook announcing that you are making the pledge and encouraging others to do likewise. Please include the website information in the video.

The powers that be (Pro-life/Pro-family groups, Republican politicians) need to know that you will no longer be manipulated by empty promises, exploited as their base, or dismissed by their compromises. They need to know that we will no longer allow the broken bodies and shed blood of babies in the womb act as a political football that raises money for groups and votes for politicians. The support of this cozy cabal must be broken to abolish all abortion now in Jesus’ name!