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La Quinta Inn helps kill babies

September 9, 2001

La Quinta Inn helps kill babies

For the past 6 weeks in Wichita, KS, the proven connection between La Quinta Inn of Wichita and the infamous Mr. Tiller has been exposed. It takes a village to kill a child. Patron's of Mr. Tiller's from out of town receive a 20 percent discount from La Quinta Inn of Wichita to stay there during the 2-3 day procedure to murder their babiy babes. La Quinta Inn of Wichita still insists on being part of this village. Despite 2-4 pickets each week, the manager in Wichita, Ms. Candy Krueger, is unrepentant of this evil. Instead, Ms. Krueger, and her security guard Lisa do everything they can to disrupt our conversations with patrons even when patrons initiate the conversation. La Quinta Inn of Wichita continues to help Mr. Tiller kill babies. So we are asking Christians across the nation to cease patronizing La Quinta everywhere and to contact the national corporate headquarters until this policy is changed.

Meanwhile, we here in Wichita will maintain regular pickets outside La Quinta exposing their complicity in the murder of innocent baby boys and girls. We the Church, refuse to give silent assent and approval to any business or person that is part of this village that kills children. Below is a copy of the tri-fold flier we are presently distributing in Wichita during our Truth Team pickets with signs depicting the children violently ripped apart by abortion. Please read the section, How You Can Help, and distribute this far and wide across the land

Are You Staying at La Quinta?

Here is Something Just For You!

Please stop, take a minute to read this brochure before you toss it aside.

Why Are We Here With These Graphic Pictures?

We agree, the graphic pictures are shocking and horrible. What they depict, abortion is even more gruesome! They depict the reality of Wichita today. Do you realize abortions are down 40% nationwide, yet in Wichita, where Dr. Tiller plies his gruesome trade, abortions are up 30%? This city, nestled in the heartland of America, is the abortion capitol of the world.

We cannot afford to close our eyes to the horror of what abortion truly is. It was easy to accept slavery until we saw pictures of black men being beaten and hung. It was easy to accept Hitler's "final solution" until we saw the pictures of smoke rising from the incinerators at Auschwitz. The smoke however has moved from Auschwitz and now billows over Wichita, thus defiling our heartland.

We have a choice! We can choose to turn our eyes away from these horrific pictures or we can look directly into the face of the aborted child and say, "This will no longer take place in Wichita."

"I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse, so choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants." Deuteronomy 30:19.

Know that once you have seen, you are responsible for the light God has shown you. You can continue to avert your eyes, stop your ears and harden your heart to the plight of these little ones or you can repent, rise up and join us to end the American Holocaust. It is time to choose but please choose wisely. America hangs in the balance.

La Quinta Supports "Dr." Tiller

Why are we here at La Quinta Inn? La Quinta of Wichita is actively involved with the ghastly business of abortion. It provides housing for women coming from all over the nation seeking both early and late term abortions. Wichita is known as the abortion capitol of the world.

La Quinta Inns advertises as family oriented establishments yet this inn, by its collusion with the baby killing industry proves that they are far from family oriented. Abortion kills unborn children, injures women and destroys families.

'Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, rather expose them.' Ephesians 5:11

1. Please DO NOT patronize La Quinta nationally until they stop being a part of this baby killing.

2. Please CALL La Quinta & TELL them of your decision not to use their services until they correct this situation.

3. Let ALL your acquaitances know.

Why this is Wrong...
What "Dr." Tiller Does

Words in boldface are quoted directly from Mr. Tillers advertisements.

Specializing in late abortion care for fetal anomaly. (Late abortion care means the baby is probably old enough to survive birth. Fetal anomaly is a sugar-coated term for disability, not necessarily a fatal condition)

Extensive Consultation. (This means they will take all the time and care necessary to ensure each woman is thoroughly deceived about her condition, her child and the so called "safe procedure.")

Special" Remembrances
Viewing of your baby
Holding your baby
Pictures of your baby
Baptism of your baby
Urn for ashes
Footprints & Handprints

(Remember these are not babies who died in an accident, at birth, or because they are sick. They are babies killed before they even had a chance to see the face of their mother. They were killed and torn from her womb. These are the babies you see on our graphic pictures.)

How You Can Help

There is something that you can do. Gentle Christians are gathering together to proclaim freedom for the captive (unborn children). These children and their mothers need your voice. Join with us:

PO Box 947
Kechi, KS 67067-0497

The La Quinta Inn in Wichita, KS managed by Candy Krueger is involved in the killing of unborn babies. Guests at the Inn in Wichita observed Ms.Krueger working "hand in glove" with Tiller. Because of this involvement we are asking you to CALL the national La Quinta oganization headquarters, voice your concern, stop patronizing their Inns and pass the word on to all of your friends and relatives. WRITE and CALL:

909 Hidden Ridge, Suite 600

Irving, TX 75038