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Look Who is Defending Eric Rudolph


Look Who is Defending Eric Rudolph

By Flip Benham

Eric Rudolph is not a Christian. Don't allow the media to draw you into defending Mr. Rudolph's Christianity. He is more than likely a part of an amorphous cult called "Christian Identity." This one is hard to get one's hands on because it has morphed into so many different groups. It has sometimes manifested itself, in one of its morphed forms, through individuals like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, or Dylan Klebold. Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, anti-semites, Ku Klux Klan, some militia groups, are all representative of this dangerous cult.

Rudolph did what he did out of hate. The devil himself was the one orchestrating Mr. Rudolph's bombings, for the devil himself has come to rob, kill, and destroy. For any Christian to take up Mr. Rudolph's cause is utter foolishness. It is my prayer that, if Eric is guilty of these bombings, he will come to repentance while in jail and ask Jesus to forgive him of the horrible things he has done. There is no pit so deep that Jesus is not deeper still.

Interestingly, the attorney representing Mr. Rudolph is Richard Jaffee. He is a high-powered attorney in Birmingham, Alabama who has defended both Dr. Bruce Lucero (the former owner of the abortion mill Mr. Rudolph blew-up) and Dr. Tommy Tucker - both are abortionists. Jaffee has initiated several litigations against the pro-life community in Birmingham. Jaffee said that he would not defend David Lackey (the Director of Operation Rescue Alabama) because it would represent a conflict of interest. He was more than happy, however, to defend Eric Rudolph. No conflict of interest here!

Look who is defending Eric Rudolph - Richard Jaffee. He is the man who has done everything legally possible to eliminate the pro-life movement in Birmingham, Alabama! Jesus unites His enemies. Eric Rudolph and Richard Jaffee are both enemies of the cross of Christ.

Flip Benham