Join us at our annual National Event, this year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! We need all of heaven’s fire power as we continue to seek the Lord to break this covenant with death that has produced a culture of death savaging our nation. Time to put on the full armor of God to wage a good warfare. May the Lord use us to prepare His way to Complete the Work in Jesus’ name!


If you are planning to come, please register for the event here:

The location for rallies each night, except for Tuesday evening is at the Zoofari Conference Center, 9715 W. Bluemound Rd. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The rallies run from 6:30-8:30 pm

The location for the youth training times is at Grace Community Church is 8400 W. Beloit Road, Milwaukee, WI 53227

Youth training times and days are Monday-Wednesday, July 15th-17th, from 9am-12pm and Friday, July 19th, from 10am-12pm.

Lunches will be served at Grace Community Church right after youth training from noon-1:30 pm Monday-Wednesday. The seating is limited to about 100, so we will divide into groups and times to accommodate all those who come to eat.

We are still working on Thursday and Friday lunches. Details will soon be posted.

Since we are not having a rally Tuesday night, we opted for a time of fellowship by having a picnic at a nearby park. Everyone will be responsible to bring their own food as families.

We just reserved 12 extra rooms at an overflow hotel in Milwaukee, WI for Complete the Work.


2111 E. MORELAND BOULEVARD WAUKESHA, WI 53186 US Phone: (262) 547-7770 Fax: (262) 547-0688

There are three kings and nine doubles available.

The weekday rates for the kings is 79.49
The weekday rates for the doubles is 84.99

The weekend rates for kings is 109.49
The weekend rates for doubles is 114.49.

Please secure these rooms ASAP if you need lodging to help COMPLETE THE WORK.

Operation Save America’s national event will be an inspiring and unique event, set in motion to “Complete The Work.”

Location: Milwaukee, WI.

Dates: Saturday, July 13th-Saturday, July 20th

This particular event will be youth focused. OSA will take this week in redemptive history to invest in this next generation to equip them to COMPLETE THE WORK! it is based upon the Nehemiah, Ezra narrative in the Bible.

They will learn about the history of the Rescue movement and the exploits of those who have gone before them.

They will go to the place where the Republican Party was birthed in Ripon, WI. They will learn the Republican political party was established specifically to end the scourge of slavery that defiled America.

They will learn how the state of Wisconsin in defense of a runaway slave, Joshua Glover, defied the Feds. Wisconsin made sure the Feds understood their ruling in the Fugitive Slave Act was “without authority, void, and of no force” in their state.

They will learn how this history is needed and necessary to Complete the Work in their generation to deliver our nation from the scourge of evil savaging our nation.

Schedule: There will be street activities each morning as we divide in different teams. We will also gather at historic sites to learn the history of what we are seeking to impart to our young.

There will be afternoon session to further the training for our young.

There will also be nightly rallies to impart vision and mission in Milwaukee to rise up and Complete the Work.

PM Jason Storms if you have need of housing.


Brookfield, WI 53045
20150 West Bluemound Road
(262) 785-0500
(262) 785-1966

Group Name: OSA
Arrival Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Please make reservations prior to the cut off date May 31, 2019

The King rooms and Double Queen rooms that are $5.00 more are on the third floor with an inside corridor.

The other rooms have doors that open to the outside.

King (inside corridor)- $85.00
Double Queen (inside corridor)-$90.00

Double Queen-$85.00

Please mark your calendars, rally the youth, and make plans to come to Milwaukee, WI to Complete the Work.