Jason Storms Family Ministry

Jason Storms is the National Director of Operation Save America. He also serves on staff at Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, WI, where he has been the Outreach Pastor since 2005.

Jason engages in teaching and training and speaks to church groups and conferences on numerous topics including:

  • Biblical Manhood and Family
  • Evangelism Outreach and Apologetics
  • Cultural and Political Engagement

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Ministry Updates

Ministry Update – Busy Summer!

We had a flurry of ministry activity this summer as a family. Our teenagers were active on the streets sharing the gospel at summer festivals and events around Milwaukee, including preaching at Drag Queen events being held for all ages throughout the state.

Our Operation Save America National Event in Atlanta was a great success as we had over 400 Christians gather from around the nation for bring the gospel to the streets of Atlanta and to get training and equipping from some of the best teachers around the nation. each morning we had over 300 Christians gather at the largest abortion clinic in the state of Georgia as a prophetic witness to the community each day of our conference. Only the Lord knows the eternal impact of this outreach.

After our Atlanta event, I had to go to NY for my mom and my aunt’s memorial service. But before heading there, we had an outreach at a children’s Drag show in the small town of Watertown, WI . It was a wild event, a group of Neo-Nazi’s showed up to protest, we had over 100 Christians in our group from multiple churches over half of whom were teens and early 20’s, standing up for Christ and their generation. In all over 200 people were there to protest the event from various groups, more than attended the event. Toward the end of the day the police arrested a young man in our group Marcus Schroeder. I filmed the arrest and reproved the officers for their heavy handed overreach. The video of this arrest went absolutely viral, as of now there have been over 100 million views of this across social media platforms, we were on Fox News, Not the Bee and a host of other national news outlets. We praise God that He used our small efforts to awaken many to the need for Christians to stand in the public sphere and boldly speak truth!

After returning from NY Sara an I hosted our 13th annual summer family camp. We had 150 people in attendance, filling up the camp ground. It was an excellent time of refreshement, fellowship, teaching, prayer and worship for the individuals and families who attended.

As the school year kicked off, we joined Missionaries to the Preborn for a week-long campus tour in Wisconsin. Many young people were greatly impacted from the preaching as many local Christian people from around the Milwaukee come out to evangelize.

In the middle of the campus tour, I had to fly down to Atlanta for the G3 conference. We organized an outreach at the local abortion clinic in Atlanta the day before the G3 conference (one of the largest solid Christian conferences in the nation) over 100 folks came out, over half of whom had never been to an abortion clinic to minister before. Praise God for a great outreach.

Leaders from End Abortion Now, Foundation To Abolish Abortion, Love Life, Action For Life, Apologia Studios, and other local ministers all collaborated on this outreach. It was a great blessing to see the unity God is building amongst like-minded Christian organizations, standing on the Gospel, committed to an end to abortion, and unified under the Lordship of Christ.

We will soon be heading down south to help Rusty Thomas with the launch of the church plant he is leading, American Reformation Church. As a family we will be doing work on the building as well as helping with outreach in the community.

On the way down we will be joining the Fight, Laugh, Feast Conference, where we will have a booth for Operation Save America and we will be preaching on the streets and at various abortion clinics on the way down. You’re help is needed to help us fund this effort, things are not getting any cheaper, and we believe it is important to minister together as a family, invest in the next generation and see them raised up to serve Christ on these important battle fronts.

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Thursday, May 11th 2023

We had an excellent campus ministry tour this week in Wisconsin. 15-20 young people joined together at two different universities, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Madison. We distributed thousands of powerful tracts and had hundreds of excellent conversations. Many received bibles, prayed with us and spent hours listening and discussing the gospel and many important cultural issues. Pray for the seeds that were planted to grow and bear much fruit for the Kingdom.

Also, consider joining us for future OSA events, check the event page on our website for upcoming opportunities.