Roe is Dead: Petition for Equal Protection

For almost 50 years state legislators have hidden behind Roe v Wade as a justification not to establish justice on behalf of the innocent pre-born.

Unfortunately, even though Roe has fallen, abortion is still completely legal in every state!

Unfortunately, even in the states where abortion has been “banned” mothers are still legally permitted to execute their children use abortion pills that they order from other states.

There is still not a single state that has truly established equal justice on behalf of the pre-born!

The time for justice is now!

 After 50 years of injustice, at the cost of almost 70 million lives, our preborn children deserve to be protected equally. Will you help us make your state the first state to truly defend the lives of the pre-born?

Join the fight by signing the petition today.

A Letter To Legislators

Now that Roe has fallen and the courts have sent the adjudication of the matter back to the
states, what should pro-life states do?

We demand that every pro-life governor and state legislator immediately pass legislation that establishes equal justice for preborn children and provides full legal recognition of their value and dignity as human beings from the moment of conception.

All parties involved in the slaughter of innocent pre-born children should face prosecution. Then, and only then, will there be equal justice in our land.

We soundly reject any half-measures or political compromises that enable the continued
killing of any innocent preborn children and that fail to establish equal justice and equal
protection under the law

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