Roe is Dead: Petition for Equal Protection

For almost 50 years we waited for Roe to fall, rather than ending abortion in our state and establishing justice to protect our preborn children. 

Now that Roe has fallen, why do we continue to deny equal protection to preborn babies, as if their lives are still lesser than other human beings?

Roe is dead. The excuses are out the window. If life begins at fertilization, then we must protect it equally and establish equal justice under the law. 

Scripture tells us in Proverbs 11:1 that unbalanced scales are an abomination to the Lord. If an abortionist in Tennessee decides to kill a preborn child, under Tennessee’s trigger law, they would face a mere Class C felony or a fine of up to $10,000. If a mother decided to take the life of her own child in the womb, she would face no penalty at all. 

 After 50 years of injustice, at a cost of almost 70 million lives, our preborn children deserve to be protected equally. Will you help us establish justice in the state of Tennessee?

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A Letter To Legislators

Now that Roe has fallen and the courts have sent the adjudication of the matter back to the
states, what should pro-life states do?

We demand that every pro-life governor and legislator immediately establish equal
justice for preborn children and provide full legal recognition of their value and dignity as
human beings from the moment of conception.

We soundly reject any half-measures or political compromises that enable the continued
killing of any innocent preborn children and that fail to establish equal justice and equal
protection under the law

Read the full letter with the link below.