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Letters From a Grateful Dad

Letters From a Grateful Dad

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This is a letter from one of the dads that changed from aborting his child after we met him and his baby's mom at the mill a couple of years ago. The two attachments are pictures he sent me. He is currently serving time in jail. I am showing you this to show you how your presence at the abortion center can change someone's life!

"For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him." Colossians 1:16

Webmster's Note: Walter, the author of the subsequent letter, took a large part in saving his baby's life because of the efforts of Marilyn and Carmen.

June 1, 2000


Hello, I just thought maybe I should let you know about my situation in here. First of all, I'm at a level one facility. I made parole for Oct. 11th. But if I get this 15 day reentry furlough, I could be home Sept. 26th. I'm going to be working out in the community for 8 hours a day, within the next month or so.

Walter's son, Joshua

I'm currently working as a tutor in the pre-GED classroom. But it's very hard teaching guys who are not willing to learn.

I'm constantly missing Esmerelda and the boys. Plus, I keep you and Carmen in my thoughts and how much you guys helped me spiritually and emotionally throughout this ordeal. I'm attending a class called "Freedom Calls" which is a very awesome class. I'm still walking with the Lord and everything seems to be all right with Him as my savior. So not only have you and Carmen saved my family from a lifetime of pain, by helping us choose to not abort Jose, you've also introduced me to God and now I know that my future will be just fine as long as I put my faith in our Father.

I don't see Esmerelda much because she's working plus it's pretty far to travel here from Waterbury. But as long as I know that she and the boys are fine, my heart can rest. I'm going to see my mother tonight at 7:35 pm and we're going to take some photos. As soon as I receive them I'll mail you one. Here's a couple of pictures of the boys.

Walter's son, Jose

I hope you guys are saving a lot more children. As soon as I get out I would like to speak to a few of the couples who decided to keep their child.

My boss wrote me a letter stating that he could use me a lot sooner than Oct. 11th and I mailed it to Hartford (the parole office) and hopefully I'll get the 15 day early release. But I can honestly say that the Lord has been good to me. He's kept my family safe from harm, he's kept my friends (you and Carmen) healthy and well. Plus he's giving me the greatest feeling I've ever known. So once again thanks for everything and remember that you guys will be im by heart, mind and prayers.

Love in Christ,
Yours Truly,

October 26, 1999

Dear Marilyn,

By the time you receive this letter I hope that you and the rest of the family are in the best of health. I am working on my release. I just wanted to get in touch with you. To let you know that Esmerelda and myself are really going to tie the knot. Last night we both were talking and she brought something to my attention. She told me that she wanted to change her life. So I told her that I also wanted to change my life.

I'm in a facility where there is 129 inmates in my dorm and we all share 6 showers, 6 sinks, and 5 toilets. It's a real messy place. I've been here (in this facility) for almost 3 months and hopefully I'll only have 1-2 more to go.

Anyway how's everything down at the clinic? How's Carmen? I am making sure Esmerelda has invitations for you both. Because you and Carmen are one of the reasons why I'm grateful for what I have. If it weren't for you two being heaven sent from above, my little "Goose" would not be here. So I am always going to keep a spot in my heart for everyone that helped me run into that clinic and stop Esmerelda from killing our gift from the Lord himself. (sniff) I just had to wipe a tear from my eye (sorry).

Anyway, I'm going to let you go for now. Never forget that the world needs a lot more Carmens and Marilyns.

Lots of love from your friend,