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Patient Suffers from Abortion at Orlando Women's Center


 Patient Suffers from Abortion at Orlando Women's Center

Thursday, December 11, 2003
25-year old *Michelle Randall pays $375 for an abortion at 10 weeks of pregnancy. Abortionist Harry Perper shoves a cannula (suction tube) up her vagina. There's a pop. Abortionist Harry pulls out the cannula in a hurry. Michelle vomits and her side hurts. Perper and his assistant peer into the collection jar: Lots of blood but no baby.

Abortionist Harry writes the following in his progress notes: " Uterine perforation suspected . . . Given Cytotec to induce termination."

No one explains to Michelle that she is still pregnant and that her womb is probably ripped open and bleeding. Instead, abortionist Perper tells Michelle: "You've got some * tissue left and we're going to see if we can get it to pass”. He orders that she stay at the abortion clinic overnight. (*Note: tissue = baby)

Thursday pm to Friday am : As instructed by Harry Perper, medical assistants give Michelle Cytotec pills every hour. They note: “Little bleeding” on Michelle's pads.

Friday morning, December 12
Michelle's pain was really scaring her. In fact, it was radiating all the way up to her neck. By 10 am abortionist Harry Perper finally instructs his staff to call 911. He fails to alert the hospital to the fact that his patient's baby was still inside her body.

Friday, December 12, 11am
An ambulance rushes Michelle to ORMC. Doctors performed an ultrasound and didn't see a baby. They decide to keep her quiet and watch for signs of infection or hemorrhage.

Monday, December 15 afternoon
The hospital prepares to release Michelle, but change their mind when she begins to vomit. Three days after Michelle's 10 week abortion at Orlando Women's Center the hospital finally went in surgically. T he mystery was solved. It turns out that abortionist Harry had used the cannula like a battering ram and pushed that poor infant right through the wall of his mother's womb. They found the baby lying behind Michelle's uterus, in her abdomen . Her uterus was so badly damaged that it had to be entirely removed.

The Agency for Health Care Administration cited Orlando Women's Center for failing to provide accurate information to the hospital.

ABORTION is not only WRONG,
It can KILL you


The consent form at Orlando Women's Center clearly spells out ALL of the serious risks of abortion for YOU. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY!
This is a portion of what the consent form states:

These risks may include, but are not limited to the following: ...

2) Incomplete abortion, retained tissue, or continued pregnancy, which may necessitate repeating the abortion procedure
6) Heavy bleeding, hemorrhage and/or formation of blood clots
8) Perforation (creation of a hole by an instrument) in the wall of your uterus which may require immediate surgery in which the perforation may need to be repaired, or removal of the uterus and nerves.
9) Injury to the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, bladder and/or bowels, rectum, intestines, blood vessels and nerves
10) Need for immediate surgery or other additional surgery, which may include a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes and/or ovaries) and bowel (intestines)

13) Shock
14) Heart Attack

15) Death

Killing your baby can also kill YOU ! Don't do it!

Adoption services are FREE! You may also qualify for financial assistance through your entire pregnancy and for six weeks after delivery! You may not want your child, but somebody else does . Find out more about adoption,
Call A Chosen Child at 1.800.339.3821 ( Se habla Espanol)


Speak to one of the sidewalk counselors outside the clinic RIGHT NOW!

Patte Smith, Founder of Sanctuary Ministries

Consent does not excuse malpractice!
If you are injured as a result of your abortion, seek legal help immediately.
Call Legal Action for Women at 1.800.U.CAN.SUE