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Report by Tom McGlade

FLORIDA: Wearing the ever popular, black and white Operation Save America "Intolerant" jerseys (Homosexuality is Sin, Islam is a Lie and Abortion is Murder), five players from OSA/SRQ entered the Ironman Roller Hockey Tournament in New Port Richey. It was a bold witness to see a whole team outfitted with the Truth. Goalie, Sam Jumber, wore the white Jesus Is The Standard jersey during play to insure that their sponsor's Lordship, King Jesus, was fully recognized. The spectator areas were peppered with Jesus and Intolerant shirts, as many supporters were there to cheer and witness.

Eric, Scott, Sam, Keith, and Rachel
Eric, Scott, Sam, Keith, and Rachel

During a break in play, the team and supporters took a thirty minute trip to the Tarpon Springs home of abortionist, George Nauert. Traffic on the busy country road slowed as the graphic ministry of "Malachi" reached out to soften hearts. A large yellow arrow with the word ABORTIONIST pointed to the immense estate purchased with the blood of thousands of innocent pre-born children. Nauert owns four abortion mills, including the Sarasota Women's Health Center where Matthew "headbanger" Kachinas continues in Nauert's stead. (see article Violence Erupts)


Back at the rink, Team Intolerant fought all the way to the playoffs to finally be beaten in sudden death overtime; however, forever dauntless in their witness for their King. Team Intolerant - Rachel McGlade, Scott Lackey-Heldreth, Keith McGlade, Eric McGlade