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SARASOTA, FLORIDA: Abortionist Matthew J. Kachinas was cited for two counts of battery with additional charges pending. On Friday morning, December 27, Kachinas arrived at the Sarasota Womens Health Center, 5025 N. Tamiami Trail, to perform his bi-weekly ritual of state sanctioned child sacrifice. While still in his vehicle, Kachinas was once again invited into the freedom offered through the forgiveness of his sins upon repentance through the sacrificial blood of Jesus the Messiah. Kachinas exited his vehicle in a fervor. Obviously enraged, Kachinas, cursing, walked directly toward Linda McGlade who had delivered the Gospel message of hope and love to the abortionist. Stopping within centimeters of her face, he clearly and pointedly whispered several times the words, "I'm going to kill you!" Then, with half a dozen witnesses and a video camera observing his actions, Kachinas drew his head back in true WWF style, then delivered a head butt to Linda's forehead! She drew back stunned from both the impact as well as the surprise of the attack.

Keith McGlade, 22, quickly drew to his mother's side to protect her against any further attacks. Keith, a well built 6'2" athlete, towered over the slight figure who had just singled out and viciously attacked this unsuspecting mother of seven. Kachinas, in a lame attempt to distract attention from his unprovoked malice on a defenseless woman, then tried to provoke Keith into a fight. "What are you going to do about it ..." and other such childish taunts were shouted from the abortionist's lips. When these failed, Kachinas then flicked the hat off of Keith's head. More taunts, along with obscenities, followed. Keith however remained unmoved, ready to protect, but trained by the Holy Spirit through years on the "battle field" not to react. Kachinas, now desperate, began repeatedly to jump up and down on Keith's hat which now lay on the ground while shouting more incendiary taunts and obscenities, daring Keith to return the violence. Keith's reply to the pitiful tantrum of this self proclaimed protector of women: "Sir, you are a beast! You have become the very thing that you hate." At this, the abortionist, left the scene and proceeded into the sanctuary of the abortion mill where several mothers waited for his "professional" services, unaware of his instability.

The police were called and responded quickly to the report of death threats and battery upon a woman. Several officers arrived on the scene. One officer took eyewitness reports of the unprovoked attack from five of the observers. This officer acted professionally in every way. However, when the sergeant arrived, this ranking officer could not seem to focus on the magnitude of the situation at hand. Though a violent threat followed by outlandish action had just taken place, he seemed more intent on chasing children off of the vacant lot next to the mill than pursuing the life threatening, head butting, woman attacking bully. The sergeant even relayed his annoyance through another officer and we were told in no uncertain terms that if we went on the lot again, we would be prosecuted! (Even though we in the past received verbal permission to utilize the lot)

To our dismay (not surprise), the abortionist was not arrested! We were informed that a decision was made to allow the abortionist to turn himself in later that afternoon, after he had completed his work! This injustice is typical of the double standard applied to those who stand for the Gospel vs those who hate the truth. This is quite a contrast to the "arrest first ask questions later" treatment usually given to Christians. Worse yet, it was discovered that Kachinas, having gone to the police department to turn himself in, was told that he would not be arrested! High ranking police department officials, rather than taking responsibility decided to submit the matter to the state attorney's office and they would determine if there was any merit to continuing the process.

Please call The Florida State Attorney's Office @ 941-747-3077 and reference the following cases. Express your outrage and encourage them not to use seperate standards for abortionists.
Case # 02-065858 (Linda) #02-065862 (Keith)
Pray for Justice! And pray that as things begin to "shake" around this lost man, that he will see the Light and the only hope through Jesus Christ - our Lord and King!