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Rochester - Genesee Hospital is Closing

March 29, 2001

Genesee Hospital is Closing

The Genesee Hospital of Rochester, a 114-year-old institution, announced that it would be closing and padlocking its doors in July.

This pro-abortion, pro-doctor-assisted suicide hospital has been the target of pro-life activity for over 15 years. It has housed two abortion clinics and employed Dr. Timothy Quill, a nationally known assisted-suicide advocate and practitioner, as the Associate Chief Medicine.

For the last 15 years a Christian presence of prayer, worship, demonstration, rescues, pleadings with the administration, literature distribution and pickets have occurred a this hospital. All these efforts were not focused on the dismantling of the hospital, but seeing a changed Genesee. Our desire was that the Genesee hospital would turn from promoting and defending the taking of human life (through abortion and euthanasia) to a hospital that would be a true defender of life.

In April of 1999, the Genesee hospital was the sight of an Operation Save America event. Christians from all over the nation stood with the local pro-life Christians to join in prayer and proclamation that the hospital would quit killing or shut down.

"We plan on continuing a pro-life presence and proclamation at this hospital until they close and lock the doors. The administration's decision to shut down this hospital proves that we serve a God whose word is true and who answers the cry of His people," said Mike Warren, Director of Rescue Rochester.