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God's Servants in Fort Worth

God's Servants in Fort Worth Street Reports - Jericho Mission

August 19 & 26, 2006

West Side Abortion Clinic Street Report
of God's Mighty Works on Behalf
of the Children of Men

by Lynn Dufur


A couple named Stephanie and Adrian left the clinic, changing their minds from abortion to keeping their baby. They stopped and talked to us, allowing us to know of their decision to keep their baby. They took a baby gift bag that included diapers, baby wipes, baby blanket, information about the Pregnancy Help Center and, most important of all, the gospel of John in written form and on CD (available at Dollar Tree stores-praise God!) Fourteen others did not change their minds. However, they did get to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ as they went in and while waiting for the doctor to arrive. All ministry success is measured by the faithfulness to sow seeds of the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, coming to save us from the wrath to come. Blessed be the name of the Lord forever! We prayed for the people to have ears to hear the truth that will set them free.


There were 13 abortions today with one save, one turn away and one that was delayed in her decision to have an abortion. Patrice and Michele, who appeared to have been Patrice's mother, stopped to talk to us as they left the clinic and confirmed that Patrice had changed her mind to life. They were both all smiles and joyful, and eagerly took a baby gift bag which included the written and audio CD of the gospel of John. While many people may not read, they may put in a CD to listen to. Our desire is to see people saved by Jesus for God, not just babies being saved. And some may listen to a CD in order to find out what this God and Jesus are all about. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Some may hear the Word of God on CD before they would open a book/Bible. We rejoiced with Patrice for her choice for life.

A couple left the clinic, but did not stop for information going in or coming out. We do not know if they changed their mind. Then, Ashley came out. Ashley was by herself and stopped to talk with us. She said she was going to have to come back. She is 20 years old and has three children. We assured her that we care about her just as much as the child she is carrying. We talked about God's standard of life and children. She indicated she knows God.

When she was told that the heartache she may be having over this pregnancy would only be magnified by the guilt of having her baby murdered, she exclaimed, "Oh, no! I will be so relieved!" We shared with her that the enemy of her soul, Satan, will coax anyone he can into doing what God commands not to do, making it look so easy and right; then inflict condemnation on them for doing the very thing he coaxed them into doing. We were able to talk at length with Ashley about God's ways and His power for us when we obey His commands.

She let us know she is not married and her children do not have the same father. We talked about the need to confess the sins that got her to this place in life. When asked when she thought she would be coming back for the abortion, what she would be waiting on for the abortion to occur. She said more money. Come to find out she is 7 weeks pregnant with twins! So she couldn't have the abortion today, because twins cost more. Praise God she didn't have the extra money!

When offered a baby gift bag she accepted. Adoption was presented to her as an option to which she exclaimed, "Oh no! That's worse!" We discussed the truth of God's Word with her in the example of Moses' parents sending him away so that he would not be killed. They adopted him out of death to life. Exposing the lies of the enemy again, she was told of the father of lies putting that false idea out there to deceive women into having their children murdered. Ashley listened intently and allowed us to pray with her and give her more information. While she did not make a statement of changing her mind, she was thinking about God's truths presented to her. Pray for to have understanding and for God's light and truth to be shed abroad in her heart to tear down the enemies lies.

July 12, 2006

Jesus said, "In the same way there is more happiness in heaven because of one sinner who turns to God than over ninety-nine good people who don't need to." Luke 15:7

12 ½ years ago, I became a Christian standing outside this very clinic. So you can imagine my delight that I was able to lead a woman to the Lord on the very same sidewalk! It seems like everything has came full circle, which makes a great note to end our ministry on.

There were 22 abortions scheduled. The place was packed. Jim Phillips of Austin was down and preached the Word to the customers. Brookes and Bill manned the streets and took turns sharing the Word and Jan and I did the sidewalk counseling. It seemed like our words were falling on deaf ears. The Doctor arrived early, so by 8:00am, we took down the signs and moved into the post-abortion part of the outreach.

Then, one of the more obnoxious customers changed their minds and left. On the way out, he told me that “You can go home now, we changed our minds! Isn't it always the ones you think are not listening that really are? It was a reminder that no matter what is happening in the physical, the Lord is working!

A young women who was waiting for her friend asked me “what is in this for you?” She took a post-abortion bag for her friend Candy. As we spoke, I could tell that someone had been sowing truth into her life. She was ready to find the One she was created for. After a long conversation, she prayed to receive the Lord.

Thank you so much dear Jesus for all you do out here and allow us to participate in! It is a honor to stand for you at this place. If you haven't been out, Brookes Baker is now running the ministry out here. You can reach him at bbaker@aaahawk.com for more information and times that they will be out here.

Jericho Mission

April 4, 2006

God has been so faithful and good to us out here!  March has been amazing as we have witnessed the Lord answer prayer and rise up more people to come and stand for him.  It shouldn't, but it amazes me how gracious the Lord is to those who find themselves at this clinic.  While they are arrogantly deciding that their child must die, He is busy calling them out of darkness and into the light of His presence!  How can you not love a God like that!

Our March totals are:  8 Saves
                                 167 Babies killed.

Our numbers have increased to the point where the Protestant's out number the Catholics!  (a sure sign that we are living in the end times...)  God is so faithful to us when we are obedient and choose to come and tell the truth to those who are seeking their own destruction.  We are delighted that so many of this generation are standing for life and truth and the King of Kings!  I am not suprised that so many of them are homeschooled!  What a great job their parents have done in teaching them how to stand for the truth!  There are 17 new warriors for Christ so far.   We invite you to come and join them!


We still need some of you who want to help with the post-abortion outreach. I think it would be best to have a separate group come out to minister to the women after the abortion.  So those of you who hate early outreach, this starts about 9:30.

Since half of all abortions in Texas are repeat, it is important to reach those who have already made the choice to kill their child so they don't find themselves back again.  Abortion destroys women as well as their children and we need to find a way to reach those who are living in the aftermath of their choice.  If we don't pray for them and get them help, they will bring their friends (because everyone who has an abortion justifies your choice) they will vote to keep abortion legal (because if it is wrong then they will have to face the fact they actually killed their own child) they will be back (because you can only go to hell once so you might as well do as you please).  Not to mention all the stupid, self-destructive things they will do to punish themselves and the misery they will inflict on those who come in their path.  Good incentives to reach out to those lost in sin and darkness!  If you're interested, call Carole at 817-360-1945!  We have training for you if you want to be a part.

As always, we have prayer on the first Friday of the month at Brookes house. We will be discussing the new billboard campaign, so come and be a part of the planning.  The back to school outreach is starting up again, Jan handles that and needs people who are willing to go pass out tracts at the high schools. 

Those of you interested in speaking to the school board regarding abstinence, the April hearings are coming up.  Email me for talking points.  It is important that our voices are heard, especially since there is now a 7% increase in STD's in the 15-18 year old category in Dallas and Tarrant Counties .  PPH is saying we need more condoms when the truth is that we need to empower young people to say no to sex before marriage.

Jericho Mission

March 1, 2006

The Lord, the Lord, is my strength and my song, He has become my salvation.  Isaiah 12:2

The totals for February were 7 saves and 111 abortions.

Carolina had the baby on February 14th.  She named her Valerie!  I can't get my scanner to work, so I can't send you a picture, but she is beautiful!  I kissed her sweet little face for all of you! 

God continues to move in the life of Carolina and her family.  Lizette, the sister who brought her to the abortion clinic has softened by seeing God provide for Carolina.  She is now wanting to go to church and find out more about Jesus.  Please keep this family in your prayers! Maybe salvation will come to this entire family because of Carolina 's willingness to choose to obey God and not kill her child.

This past Saturday 14 Christians came out in the pouring rain to stand for life.  As a result, of our soggy witness a family changed their minds and decided to choose life!  And Wednesday, Donnie and Brookes saw another man go in and get his wife out and leave! 

Come join us and see God move.  If you think parting the Red Sea was something, imagine seeing Him change a heart intent on killing a baby into one who wants to love her baby.  You can be a part of that by coming and praying.  Call Dan for the times 817-246-8137

Yesterday, Jan and Myra and myself went to Planned Parenthood's Wine and Cheese event at the Modern Art Museum.  It was a whine event with much bleating over South Dakota 's possible ban on abortion.  We were treated to a Dr. who discussed that it is hard to get hospitals in FTW and Dallas to cooperate in 2nd trimester abortions.  We were heartbroken to hear that.

We need some of you who are willing to attend the Health Advisory Board meetings in FTW.  There has been a push for comprehensive sex ed in our schools.  We will be happy to supply you with talking points on why we most certainly do not need anything but abstinence only education as mandated by Texas law.  But it takes faithfulness and numbers to force a change.  PPH has been recruiting people to go and request state sponsored immorality.  We are the parents, taxpayers and voters and we need to make our voices heard.  Call Carole for more information at 817-360-1945.

Carole LaFreniere
OSA-Jericho Mission

Saturday, February 11, 2006

It was a busy day at the clinic - 29 abortions. It was so busy that there was nowhere to park. For most of our people, this was the first time they had been at the clinic when it was that busy. It is depressing and overwhelming to watch the cars pull in, one after another. Lots of crying women this morning being hustled in by their family and friends.

However, the Lord reached out to rescue Kasha! She pulled in the parking lot and talked to Jessica for quite awhile, crying as she did so. She was scared, but had already agreed to the abortion. She took the information Jessica gave her and pulled in to the clinic. We kept trying to talk to her but she marched in. So we just prayed for her and the others inside. About 15 minutes later, she came out and drove over to the parking spot right beside one of the sidewalk counselors. Kasha got out and when she was told, “We will help you, you don't have to do this,” she fell into the counselor's arms crying….

At the PHC, we heard her story. She is the mother of a seven year old boy, going to college and working part-time. She is staying with friends, has no place to live right now, and not much income. She has real problems, but our God is so much greater than any problem! Please keep praying for her, especially for her courage not to fail. The boyfriend wants the abortion and her friends don't understand why not. She is a Christian, but I think her church is a bit ambivalent on abortion (her situation is bad…). So she needs God's protection over her life and her child's while we set about finding a way to help her.

The other save was a Grandmother who brought her daughter. Lynn told her “Woe to the Grandmother who causes the death of her grandchild,” and as they were leaving they told Lynn that they changed their minds!

In addition, Lynette told us about another girl at the maternity home who recently came to them from Indiana. She was on her way to the abortion clinic when she saw the “protestors” and changed her mind! So be encouraged Saints! Even when you don't know it, God uses you to change hearts!

The update on Carolina is that we have heaters for her now, and blankets. Since she is so close to being due, we are doing her laundry weekly and we are getting a list together for meals. If you can help by assembling a casserole, let me know and we will get the food to her. We will be having a baby shower this week.

I am so blessed to be able to help these brave women who choose life in spite of difficult situations! 

Carole LaFreniere
Jericho Mission

February 10, 2006

Dear Saints!

I went over and visited with Carolina yesterday.    The baby is now due February 26th.  She is having a little girl. 

At this point, some of the stress has been lifted due to all the help she has received and she is now on WIC and food stamps, which has helped her a lot.  Her landlord is still being patient, and she has applied for TANF, which she will find out about soon.  She has started GED classes.  The church that was suppose to come take her to church never showed up.  So if any of you know of a good church on the Northside, let me know.  She needs to know Jesus more than anything else.

Her space heater went out, so it is really cold at night and during the day in the apartment.  If you have one you can spare, please let me know.  817-360-1945. I will be at her apartment Saturday after the mill to do her laundry, she is just to tired and worn out to drag it and the three kids to the laundry mat!  She is going to need someone to come by and drop off some meals right after she has the baby.  Call me to sign up for a day. 

We are going to have a baby shower for her this upcoming week.  She has nothing, so baby blankets, newborn diapers, sleepers are needed.  Call me for the date location and time!  If you know of a spare crib mattress, we have the frame. 

She does have a stroller and car seat. 

The picket at PPH went really well thanks to Catholics Respect Life of FTW.  Thanks Angela!  Also we want to thank Kristen for arranging to borrow the signs from Dallas CRL group.  There were about 50 in attendance. 


January 30, 2006

“Our God is a God of Salvation, and to God, the Lord, belongs the escape from death.” Psalm 68:2

Back from all the marches and events, all I can say is that I am encouraged on how many young people are showing up for the rallies! The speeches were heartfelt, and it was great to be a part of all of it. But while I was marching about, that same morning, women came to the abortion clinics in Austin, and there were only a handful of saints there to try and reach their hearts. My pledge in the future is to go to the abortion clinic first, then to the marches.

I go to the abortion clinics because that is where God can use you to spare a child's life. I haven't found anything that is so exciting as that moment when they turn from their appointment and embrace life.

It boils down to loving your neighbor as much as Christ loves you. He still rejoices over the one lost sheep that is found!

Our totals for January are 1 save and 60 kills. We need more people praying and more people praising as we try and reach those who are living in darkness. We need you to come and be a part of God's team.

The post-abortion outreach starts at about 10:00am and we get to the clinic about 6:00am. Come and see for yourself what the Lord will do! Call Dan at 817-360-1945 for the times and dates we will be there.

In the might name of Jesus,
Carole LaFreniere
OSA-Jericho Mission

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