Levi Gray wrote this poem for Father’s Day June 19, 2011.  He read it in our little home church in Kannapolis, North Carolina, in honor of Adam Tennant who was ordained an elder in our church on that very day.  Adam has had much to do with Levi’s desire to follow after God with all of his heart.  Adam has proven a powerful witness and minister of God’s Word, and a friend of all who desire to do likewise.

 Enjoy!   ~ Flip


A Father’s Day Poem

By Levi Gray

A man is something rarely found in these frightful times,

where people feel it’s best just to erase the boundary lines.

And you’re a fool if you speak the truth, Don’t judge is this world’s motto,

Self and flesh, that is our lord, and it’s our hearts we follow.


So I thank God that there are men, who stand up for the truth,

who go and fight the battle for our nation and our youth,

I felt I must declare and make as clear as it were glass,

my thankfulness for valiant men in the present and the past.


For those who fought for freedom, amidst the spray of bullets,

For those who preached the Word of God, and never sought to dull it.

For those who taught their children what was right and wrong and just,

And led them to our blessed Lord, that in Him we should trust.


For those who gave their lives and comfort, so generations after,

our children’s children would be free and see our God as Master.

For those who serve, provide, protect for children, wives, and kin,

Who lead their homes in love and truth, in hopes to drive out sin.


And to conclude, I will include the word of God from Paul,

Written to the church in Corinth, yet applies to all,

These words from our apostle, came from God above,

“Act like men, be strong, Let all you do be done in love.”