The dust has settled in Ohio. How did the unborn lose so badly in Issue 1? What are the lessons to learn? How can we move forward in this state to protect the unborn?

Operation Save America will continue to lay out our plans going forward, strategies for upcoming state-level initiatives and the promotion of equal protection, etc. In the meantime, our Assistant Director Derin Stidd has an excellent interview on the Crosspolitic show:

He has also written an article with the Republic Sentinel.

In summary: The messaging from the Pro-Life Coalition was weak and convoluted. It was a failure.

Attempts to make the issue about parental rights, protecting women, or painful late-term abortion that “just goes too far” all served to muddy the waters for voters.

This is why, alongside doorknocking and 1 on 1 conversation with voters, we worked so hard to create and distribute tens of thousands of our own effective, Christ-honoring literature pieces that emphasized the value and humanity of unborn children. We were able to distribute boxes of literature to many different congregations and families, modeling and facilitating lit-drops in key metro suburban areas. This was right up our alley!

We knew from the very beginning, long before large pro-abortion campaign funds flooded television ads over the airwaves, that secularism and neutrality were lies, and the strategies they offer were impotent. The involvement of God’s church is essential to this work. We labored with many faithful local congregations and over one hundred saints to effect the outcome in their own communities all over blood-stained Ohio.

Great unity and mobilization were displayed and many new warriors in the fight against the abortion holocaust were created. Glory to God, and much thanks to all those who worked hard with OSA for the Kingdom, especially the many steadfast, uncompromising local pastors with whom we take great joy in being able to partner alongside. We were also able rally the troops to spend some time at a local abortion clinic and minister to abortion-minded parents with the help and hope of the Gospel and the Church.

All and all, the truth is, if those opposing Issue #1 could not persuasively articulate their core principles, then they’ve already lost.

If we are not outraged by the killing of little children, we should never expect those voters far more nominal on important matters than us to be.

Have fortitude. Have passion. In your efforts, exhibit rigid fidelity to God’s Word and work effectively with the tools He has given us to see evil pushed back and justice established. That will be persuasive.

Run into battle!

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