Meet the new national director of OSA!

Join us in welcoming OSA’s new National Director!

Jason Storms

Jason has been active in the fight against abortion for over 20 years. He formerly served as OSA’s Campus Leader and then became Assistant Director to Rusty Thomas. He has been disciples by men who were active in the rescue movement of the ’80s. As a result, Jason brings both the passion, strength and innovation of youth (Proverbs 29:9) and the wisdom of the aged (Job 12:12) to his new role.

Jason is on staff with Mercy Seat Christian Church in Milwaukee, WI where he has served in leadership since 2005. Jason is a passionate evangelist who has engaged in street and campus ministry and open-air preaching across the nation.

At the heart of his ministry is discipling young men. Having come from a broken home and a rough upbringing, he sees the desperate need to reach young men in our nation and teach them the lost virtues of biblical manhood, how to be Christ-like fathers, husbands, protectors, and providers.

Jason has also run a construction business in the Milwaukee area for over 15 years.

Jason and his wife Sara are busy home-schooling parents, having just had their tenth child in December of 2021.  They regularly bring their children to minister with them outside of abortion mills and on college campuses. Sara is the daughter of Clara and Pastor Matt Trewhella of Missionaries to the Preborn. Pastor Trewhella is the author of The Lesser Magistrate Doctrine. OSA looks forward to serving the Lord with Jason and his family.

Assistant Director

Pastor Derin Stidd

Derin Stidd has been active in pastoral ministry for 20 years. He has had a passion to preach the gospel and to make disciples since his conversion as a teenager in Indianapolis, IN. 

He is currently the Pastor of Harmony Baptist Church in Frankfort, IN. He and his wife, Katrina, just had their ninth child, all of whom they joyfully homeschool. 

They have also been small business owners for many years with Young Living. Derin has written two books on the topic of health and spirituality.

Though still a young man, Derin brings years of wisdom, Biblical knowledge, ministry experience, and faithfulness in raising a family to the OSA leadership team.

Assistant Director

Lucas Childress

Lucas Childress stepped into the battle for the preborn in 2012 when he stood in front of an abortion clinic for the first time in Little Rock, AR. From there he felt the Lords call , alongside family and friends, to start a local sidewalk ministry devoted to bringing the Gospel, helping those in need, and rescuing the preborn from death.

Lucas is the proud husband of his wife, Carrie, and the father of their 6 children. He serves in his local church as an elder and worship leader, and has been blessed to come from a heritage of family that has exemplified what It means to live for Christ.

He and his family became actively involved in Operation Save America in January of 2016. They have learned much, serving alongside the faithful brothers and sisters of OSA, and they look forward to what’s to come.

State Chapter Director

Matt Brock

In addition to serving OSA, Matt serves with the newly formed organization Equal Protection South Carolina, fighting on the political front to see a bill of Equal Protection passed in SC. Matt has been faithful for several years leading men to minister at the notorious Greenville abortion clinic. His work has been instrumental in mobilizing churches and rallying Christians to confront the evil of abortion with the Kingdom and Lordship of Jesus Christ.

A former Marine and combat vet, Matt’s courage under fire has enabled him to lead well in the face of great hostility and persecution. He and His wife, Amy, have two beautiful children and serve their local church in the Greenville area.