The dust has settled in Ohio. How did the unborn lose so badly in Issue 1? What are the lessons to learn? How can we move forward in this state to protect the unborn?

Operation Save America will continue to lay out our plans going forward, strategies for upcoming state-level initiatives and the promotion of equal protection, etc. In the meantime, our Assistant Director Derin Stidd has an excellent interview on the Crosspolitic show:

He has also written an article with the Republic Sentinel.

In summary: The messaging from the Pro-Life Coalition was weak and convoluted. It was a failure.

Attempts to make the issue about parental rights, protecting women, or painful late-term abortion that “just goes too far” all served to muddy the waters for voters.

This is why, alongside doorknocking and 1 on 1 conversation with voters, we worked so hard to create and distribute tens of thousands of our own effective, Christ-honoring literature pieces that emphasized the value and humanity of unborn children. We were able to distribute boxes of literature to many different congregations and families, modeling and facilitating lit-drops in key metro suburban areas. This was right up our alley!

We knew from the very beginning, long before large pro-abortion campaign funds flooded television ads over the airwaves, that secularism and neutrality were lies, and the strategies they offer were impotent. The involvement of God’s church is essential to this work. We labored with many faithful local congregations and over one hundred saints to effect the outcome in their own communities all over blood-stained Ohio.

Great unity and mobilization were displayed and many new warriors in the fight against the abortion holocaust were created. Glory to God, and much thanks to all those who worked hard with OSA for the Kingdom, especially the many steadfast, uncompromising local pastors with whom we take great joy in being able to partner alongside. We were also able rally the troops to spend some time at a local abortion clinic and minister to abortion-minded parents with the help and hope of the Gospel and the Church.

All and all, the truth is, if those opposing Issue #1 could not persuasively articulate their core principles, then they’ve already lost.

If we are not outraged by the killing of little children, we should never expect those voters far more nominal on important matters than us to be.

Have fortitude. Have passion. In your efforts, exhibit rigid fidelity to God’s Word and work effectively with the tools He has given us to see evil pushed back and justice established. That will be persuasive.

Run into battle!

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On Tuesday, September 19th, Operation Save America had the opportunity to host an abortion mill outreach as a part of G3’s biannual national conference. 

Along with OSA, our partners at End Abortion Now, Love Life, Foundation to Abolish Abortion, and The Republic Sentinal also joined us. 

Over 100 people joined us to speak up on behalf of the pre-born! This may seem like a small number when compared to the 8,300 people who attended the G3 event, but this was our first time offering this kind of outreach, and we expect the numbers to grow during future events.

What’s most exciting though, is that nearly 50 of those people confirmed that this outreach was their first time ministering at a death camp! In addition, several of them also made commitments to become more engaged in the battle to rescue children in the future. 

We count this as a huge success! 

In addition to the abortion mill outreach, thanks to the generosity of our friends at End Abortion Now, we also had the opportunity to have a booth in the expo hall during the event.

During this time OSA Assistant Director, Derin Stidd, and EAN Communications Director, Zach Connover, along with OSA youth Marek Kizer and Malachi Stidd, had the opportunity to engage with hundreds of conferencegoers regarding our efforts to establish justice on behalf of the pre-born. 

Many of these discussions were extremely productive, as the overwhelming majority of conferencegoers already agreed with us regarding equal protection, and simply wanted to know how they could get more involved in the battle. 

The positive reception was due, in part, to the incredible faithfulness of Josh Buice, Virgil Walker, the other brothers at G3 Ministries, and their faithful efforts to promote the just cause of equal protection on behalf of the pre-born. 

One clear example of this was Buice’s strong affirmation of abolitionism and equal protection in a panel discussion during the event. 

While we are thankful for the success of this event, there’s still a lot of work to be done! Abortion is still completely legal in every state, and thousands of babies are being murdered every day.

Now more than ever we need to take the momentum from events like this and keep pressing forward!

That’s why I’m hoping we can depend on you to chip in $10, $15, or even $25 to help us continue to advance the just cause of equal protection on behalf of pre-born! 

Please know, we are extremely grateful for whatever support you can contribute! 

In Christ, 

Leadership Team

Operation Save America 

Watch pastor Josh Buice, whose church hosted our National Event this summer, take a bold stance on abolishing abortion at G3 where we were privileged to minister and continue to educate the church on her duty before these little ones. Below the video is the full transcript.

Do you consider yourself an abolitionist?”

“I do consider myself to be an abolitionist, for a very long time I did not. I would engage in what might be considered incrementalism, the idea of pushing back slowly against abortion.

But, as I read scripture, and as I looked at the way the “pro-life” establishment opposes the full abolition of abortion, I considered what Scripture says.

Here in the State of Georgia, you have a Heartbeat Bill that was passed. People seem to rally around that, it seems to be very popular. Christians seem to support it. The problem with legislation like that is highlighted in Proverbs 20:10 which says that unequal weights and unequal measures are an abomination to the Lord.

So what happens in states that adopt a law or pass a bill like that is that you create two classes of babies. One class that’s protected by law and another class of babies that is handed over to murderers. And so for me, it just became clear that this is what the Bible says.

We should stand for the fact that scripture teaches that life begins at conception, not at 6 weeks or 12 weeks or 13 weeks. When we have someone like former President Trump, who seems to be very bold on the issues and really not ashamed to be standing on principle or conviction, but he can’t seem to answer a question when it comes to the protection of the unborn, we as the church of Jesus Christ need to do just that.

And so for me, it’s not that I’m against anyone that would say I want to see a further advancement of standing for life in my state — but here’s the problem. In the state of Louisiana a few years back there was a bill that was placed out for consideration that had a great deal of support, and it was on the full abolition of abortion. And just before the vote, 70 pro-life organizations wrote a letter, including National Right to Life, that actually stood in opposition to a bill that would protect every life in the state. Guess what happened to the bill? It failed.

That is the pro life establishment. I reject that type of thing, I stand for the full abolition of abortion. I think we as a church need to stand up. I think if we as the church would stand up and speak up and be clear about that and educate the church about that, we would see this cause advanced across the nation.”

In the world of social media young men can easily prop themselves up as more than they are, jockeying for attention and notoriety. Our culture feeds narcissism and vanity in the most grotesque ways. Men can hide their faults and their flaws behind a computer screen.

Eventually, their immature character will collide with reality, even in social media. The damage that arrogant young men do to the body of Christ can be seen all around us. The wake of strife and contention trails behind them like toilet paper stuck to their shoes… KEEP READING

What were your family traditions during Christmas time when you were a kid? If you are like most people, you probably don’t have to think for long to come up with an answer to that question. 

Advent season is one of the most memorable times of the year when it comes to family traditions.  For better or worse people remember the way that their family celebrated Christmas. 

What will your children remember when they look back at the way that you celebrate Christmas in your family? What aspects of your family traditions will they incorporate into the way they celebrate Christmas with their children? 

One of the functions of fatherhood is to build a Christian culture in your home. Culture is built on things like values, habits, routines, and traditions. These are the things that your children will remember about their upbringing when they get older. If you build a good culture in your home, your children will incorporate elements of that culture into their own homes when they have children. This multigenerational impact of godly culture building is how families become mighty nations over the course of centuries. 

One powerful way that you can build a strong family culture is by intentionally building memorable family traditions. Traditions are certain practices that we observe on a regular basis, which inculcate customs and values into the family culture. All families have traditions, though not all families are intentional about them. 

I should note here, that the aim of this blog post is to encourage men to intentionally establish memorable traditions surrounding our celebration of the birth of Christ. I am beginning with the assumption that celebrating Christmas is a good thing for Christians to do. For those interested in reading a biblical defense of Christians celebrating Christmas see this blog from Gary DeMar, this blog from Dr. Andrew Sandlin, and this quick audio message from Dr. George Grant. 

So how do we establish memorable Christmas traditions that will help us to build a culture that exalts Christ and His Kingdom in our homes? Here are four principles that have helped me. 

Keep Jesus at the Center

Keeping Jesus at the center of Christmas is something Christians often talk about with regard to the culture wars, but something we often struggle to do in our own homes. Quite honestly, if you are excited to have the opportunity to offend people by telling them “Merry Christmas” but you do not open the word of God to your children and teach them about the incarnation of the Christ of Christmas, then you may have missed the point.

It is true that we should do all that we can to keep Christ at the center of Christmas in the public square, just like we should make Him the center of every other discussion in the public square. And one of the best ways we can keep Christ at the center of Christmas in the public square is by keeping Him the center of Christmas in our homes.  

Have your home overflowing with love, joy, and excitement at the celebration of the Advent of Christ, and intentionally let that spill out into the culture around you. That is how you keep Christ at the center of Christmas!

So how do you make keep Jesus at the center, practically? 

First, joyfully share the Advent story with your children several times over the course of the Christmas season. Read it to them directly from the Gospel of Matthew, and directly from the Gospel of Luke. Read it to them from their favorite Bible storybook. Use an advent reading schedule to share other passages that speak to the coming of Christ. Make the telling of this story a central part of your family’s Christmas routine. 

Another way you can keep Jesus at the center is by singing songs with your children that celebrate His coming! Songs like Joy to the World and O Come O Come Emanual are fun joyful Christmas songs, that help to teach your children important truths about who Jesus is, and why He came.

These are enjoyable elements that you can incorporate into your family worship time together that help to keep Jesus at the center of your Christmas traditions.

If you aren’t already doing family worship on a regular basis Christmas time is a great time to get started! 

Don’t Be A Christmas Curmudgeon 

Christians should be the most joyful of all people this time of year. We are celebrating the coming of our Saviour! This season should be a time of tremendous gratitude and thanksgiving! 

Sadly, instead of being full of joy and gratitude, Christians can often become the Advent police, scolding everyone and anyone who does anything that cannot be supported directly by a chapter and verse from the bible.  This is not the way we should approach Christmas!

Relax! No one appointed you to the office of Christmas killjoy. It’s okay to put up a Christmas tree, watch Christmas movies (provided that they are clean and wholesome), read Christmas stories, and enjoy some of the cultural elements of our Western American way of celebrating the season. 

Interestingly, most of these elements find their origins in explicitly Christian ideas. For more on that consider watching Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, which considers much of what makes most of the cultural traditions we practice in America during Christmas time, and locates their origins in an explicitly Christian heritage. The movie got bad reviews because people hate Christians, but it’s a pretty good movie. My family and I watch it every year. 

Use the cultural elements of Christmas as an opportunity to teach your children to think biblically about what is happening in the world.  But be careful that you don’t make them begrudge their Christian upbringing by turning the holiday into drudgery. Instead, sit with them, enjoy some Home Alone, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and provide them with a good family context in which they can enjoy the holiday. 

Feast on Good Food and Good Fellowship 

Food is an important aspect of family culture. This is part of the reason why in the scripture Holy Days are always associated with feasts. 

Your children will remember what happened at your kitchen table.  They will remember both what you ate and what you discussed. They will remember if meal time was a joyful time, and or an anxious time. You, as a father, have to be intentional about what kind of a culture you use your family’s meal time to create. 

And this is doubly true for Christmas time! 

So when you get around the table together, make everyone put their phones away, and plan to have some good conversation with your kids. Not the normal “how is school going this week” and “Are you behaving yourself for your mother” type discussions. I mean take control of the discussion, and talk to your kids about some useful things that will probably interest them. 

One way to bring about this type of discussion is through good storytelling. Kids love to hear stories from their fathers. Decide ahead of time some stories from your own childhood that you want to share with your kids, specifically stories that you think they will find to be entertaining, and spend some time letting your kids get to know a little more about where they come from. Feel free to intentionally sprinkle in some good dad jokes. Everyone rolls their eyes and says they hate it when you do that, but trust me, they actually like it. 

Be A Generous With Your Family

This last one may seem like a bit of a stretch in a certain way. One of the battle cries of many Christians over the last several decades has been that we need to “kick the consumerism out of Christmas!” I don’t entirely agree with this. 

While I certainly agree that we should avoid materialism, I also think we need to avoid Gnosticism. We live in a material world, and material things play an essential role in our celebrations! There is a big difference between teaching our children to idolize things on the one hand, and on the other hand giving them gifts as an expression of our love toward them. 

I would argue that joyful gift-giving is a part of the pattern of fatherhood established in the Bible. God in Heaven is the great and awesome Father from which all fatherhood is patterned, and for which all humane fatherhood exists to a point too. God, as our Father is a generous giver of good things. 

Since God, our Heavenly Father, is a joyous gift giver, humane fathers, when all is as it should be, desire also to give good gifts to their children. Jesus appeals to this idea in the Sermon on the Mount when He is teaching about prayer. In Matthew 7:9-10 Jesus speaks as though it is a foregone conclusion that fathers want to give good gifts to their children, and since sinful human fathers desire to bless their children with good gifts, then, therefore, how much more does our Heavenly Father want to bless us as His children with good gifts? 

Generosity is one of the things that fatherhood is for. Therefore, it is my encouragement to you to use this season as an opportunity to express your generosity toward your children and give them good gifts. 

Of course, there are warnings here. Don’t use generosity as a means of violating other biblical precepts. For example, it would biblically unwise to go into debt for the sake of buying your children presents. It would also be contrary to scripture to spoil your children by using the season to teach them to covet after things. Your generosity must be tempered with wisdom, but you should still be generous, nonetheless. 

These are just some good suggestions to get you started! Take some time to think today about how you will use this Advent season to build good traditions in your home, that will help you establish a culture of exalting and advancing the Kingdom of Christ! 

As Christian fathers, we need to keep our eye on the big picture! We are trying to raise our children, who raise children, that raise children who all want to worship Christ and advance His Kingdom. Godly traditions are an essential piece of making that happen. 

May God bless your efforts, and may your advent season be a time of joy and celebration!


Derin Stidd

Assistant National Director

Operation Save America

Flip Benham’s Bible

I’ve never been much of a bible reading plan kind of a guy. I’ve always been more into picking a book or a large section of scripture, and reading it over and over again while trying to get as much out of it as I possibly can before I move on.

A conversation I had with Flip Benham in June of 2021 changed my mind. For those who are new here, Flip was the National Director of Operation Save America just before Rusty Thomas became director. At the time of this conversation, he and I were in Arizona together at an OSA national event. I was getting ready to be installed as one of the new assistant directors, and by the providence of God, he and I happened to be eating breakfast together in a hotel lobby the morning of the last day of the event.

At a certain point in the conversation, I asked Flip if he had any advice he could share with me about how I could best serve Jason as one of his assistant directors. Out of that question Flip and I, along with Chet Galagher, a previous OSA Assistant Director who is a treasure trove of godly wisdom and experience, had a 3 and half hour long discussion. Interestingly, we talked very little about things like strategy, fundraising, organizational structure, or even ministry distinctive.

Instead, we spent the entire three and a half hours talking about spiritual disciplines, and spiritual maturity. In the discussion Flip gave me two simple, and yet profoundly important pieces of advice. First, he told me to read the bible every day, no matter what. And second, he told me to get everyone else around me to read the bible every day.

Upon giving me these two pieces of advice he handed me a stack of OSA Bible reading plans, and went on to explain to me the importance of having a plan when it comes to reading the Bible, not just for my own benefit, but for the benefit of being able to more strategically encouraging other people around me.

That day I became convinced of the usefulness of a Bible reading plan for the first time!

Today I want to give you the same encouragement that Pastor Flip gave me. As we begin to look to 2023 I want to challenge you to make an intentional plan for reading the Bible in the coming year, and I want to challenge you to be intentional about encouraging everyone around you to read the bible every day.

Additionally, I want to put the same tool in your hand today that pastor Flip put in my hand during our conversation in Arizona. Below is Operation Save America’s 2023 Bible reading plan. Our leaders have committed to using this bible reading plan as our map for reading the Bible in the coming year, and we want to invite you to join us!

Download the bible reading plan for free right here, and join us as we journey through the Word together in 2023!

Blessings to you and your family!

In His Service,

Derin Stidd

Assistant National Director
Operation Save America


I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, and that you are looking forward to a Merry Christmas!

As the year comes to a close we are giving praise to God for all that we’ve accomplished in 2022 and beginning to lay the groundwork for some big plans in 2023! 

As many of you know, the first event we host every year is a National Leadership Conference, in which we lay the spiritual foundation for the work we are hoping to accomplish throughout the rest of the year. 

During this event we

  • Pray together 
  • Worship Together
  • Fellowship Together 
  • Labor on the Streets Together 
  • Seek the Lord’s will together

Also during this time, Jason Storms, our National Director, will take some time to share in the vision for the future of OSA, with a special emphasis on his vision and goals for 2023. 

Today I got word that we have nailed down a location, and dates for this event!

So I’m excited to have the opportunity to invite you to join us in South Carolina on February 22nd-25th at:

First Baptist Church of Travelers Rest

20 McElhaney Rd.
Travelers Rest, SC


More details including the speaker lineup, ministry schedule, and lodging will come in future emails! Also, please watch the Facebook Event Page for updates. 

The event itself is free to attend, but if you would like to chip in a few dollars to help cover event expenses you can do that here

Thank you for your prayer, and for your support! We truly could not do all that we do without awesome prayer warriors and financial supporters like you!

May the Lord Bless you!


Derin Stidd 

Assistant National Director

Operation Save America 


For Immediate Release

Operation Save America stands in full agreement with the cause of the 11 rescuers who were arrested by the FBI today for interposing at the Mt. Juliet death camp on behalf of the pre-born.

The most fundamental duty of civil government is to protect the innocent and to punish those that would seek to bring them harm. There are none more innocent among us than the helpless pre-born child in the womb. The Governor of Tennessee, the FBI, and every other government agency that has jurisdiction in Mt. Juliet should be ashamed that these private citizens had to boldly do the job of civil government by standing in the way of evil in order to protect the innocent. 

While Operation Save America was not responsible for planning these rescues, and we have not provided any other material support to these rescuers in these specific efforts, we do stand with them in prayer and praise God for their bold sacrifice on behalf of the pre-born. 

For the Pre-born, 

Derin Stidd

Assistant National Director 

Operation Save America

Sky News came out to Milwaukee to spend two days with OSA Director, Jason Storms and his family. The coverage was overall very fair. Check out the story:

Dear Friend, 

God is doing amazing things in Indiana! 

The week before last Operation Save America held our annual Spring Regional Event in Indiana, where over a hundred Christians mobilized to bring the Gospel to college campuses and on the sidewalks in front of abortion clinics.

Additionally, many of these brothers and sisters also had the opportunity to volunteer for several political campaigns while they were in town, in an effort to distribute thousands of pieces of literature in districts where there are candidates who are committed to criminalizing abortion! 

As of right now, 22 candidates for state representative have given their written commitment to support the Protection at Conception Act, which is a bill that would criminalize all abortion without exception or compromise in Indiana! 

In addition to the 22 newcomers, who are running hard races to unseat RINO Republicans, there are also two godly state legislators who are fighting to keep their seats. 

Representative Curt Nisly, with the help of Amy Schlichter and her grassroots no compromise pro-life group Hoosiers for Life, first drafted his bill to completely criminalize abortion in Indiana back in 2017.  The RINO establishment has had him in their crosshairs ever since then. He has repeatedly bucked the political establishment and exposed weaknesses and cowardice that exist in the ranks of the Republican Party in Indiana. 

In 2020 Nisly was joined by John Jacob, a street preacher who faithfully ministers the Gospel at abortion clinics, and who has no political aspirations whatsoever. In 2017 Jacob began going to the State Capital on a regular basis pleading with the Representatives to give Protection at Conception a fair hearing. 

For three long years, they ignored his admonition on behalf of the pre-born, so he decided it was time for him to take his message to the voters. Jacob ran a gritty, hard-fought grassroots campaign, unseated a Republican incumbent, and became the Representative for Indiana House District 93. 

For the last two legislative sessions, Nisly and Jacob have created an incredible stir in Indiana politics. They’ve forced the passage of constitutional carry, forced the passage of legislation that requires hospitals to provide life-saving care to premature babies regardless of gestation, and they’ve exposed the do nothing RINO establishment by forcing them to vote on things like protection of life from conception, medical liberty, and lawless vaccine mandates. 

As a direct result of the bold actions of Nisly and Jacob to force these legislators to go on record with bad votes, hundreds of people have now joined the grassroots efforts to oppose tyranny and fight for liberty in Indiana!

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I believe that the grassroots mobilization tactics that are being used in Indiana can serve as a model to win the battle to abolish abortion in states all over the country. 

The liberty movement in Indiana, which includes as a top priority the effort to criminalize abortion, is actually bearing tangible fruit toward the end of abolishing abortion. The political establishment is running scared of the no-compromise Christians who are fighting to end abortion in Indiana. 

Operation Save America has adopted this model of grassroots mobilization as our strategy for the political aspect of ending abortion. 

We plan to deploy these tactics in legislative districts all over the country, including places like Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas. 

I would like to invite you to join me in Tenessee for our National Event on July 23rd through the 30th, where I will be teaching breakout sessions on this model of grassroots mobilization. 

During that event, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the tactics we use to bring the gospel to the sidewalks in front of the abortion mill, as well as the tactics we use to expose the evil of abortion in college campuses and various other street ministry venues.  

You can learn more about our national event here!

The best thing about the National Event is that it is absolutely free! Operation Save America does not want cost to be a hindrance to our efforts to equip Christians to faithfully serve the Lord in the battle to end the slaughter of the pre-born. 

However, while we do not charge for these events,  they do cost a substantial amount of money for our ministry to put on. 

If you have the financial means to chip in $15, $10, or even $5 to help us have the financial resources for this event we would tremendously appreciate your support!

You can contribute here.

Thank you so much for your prayer, and for your support of Operation Save America!


Derin Stidd
Assistant National Director

Operation Save America


Join me in Nashville, Tennessee on July 23rd-30th for our National Event to learn more about the grassroots political tactics we are using to win the battle to abolish abortion! 

You can find out about our National Event here, and you can chip in a few dollars to help us fund the event here!

Thanks again!