For Immediate Release

Operation Save America stands in full agreement with the cause of the 11 rescuers who were arrested by the FBI today for interposing at the Mt. Juliet death camp on behalf of the pre-born.

The most fundamental duty of civil government is to protect the innocent and to punish those that would seek to bring them harm. There are none more innocent among us than the helpless pre-born child in the womb. The Governor of Tennessee, the FBI, and every other government agency that has jurisdiction in Mt. Juliet should be ashamed that these private citizens had to boldly do the job of civil government by standing in the way of evil in order to protect the innocent. 

While Operation Save America was not responsible for planning these rescues, and we have not provided any other material support to these rescuers in these specific efforts, we do stand with them in prayer and praise God for their bold sacrifice on behalf of the pre-born. 

For the Pre-born, 

Derin Stidd

Assistant National Director 

Operation Save America