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To End All Abortion

College as a Cult – The Virginia Tech Massacre


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Operation Let My People Go


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911 – Will We Connect the Dots

A Day of Infamy – Lawrence v. Texas – June 26, 2003

Abortion – The Heart of our Nation is Changing

Abortion- Who is Responsible – Establishing Bloodguilt

Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam – Three Different Gloves – Same Fist

Abortion, Islam, Homosexuality – What do These Three Have in Common

America is Dying – The Salt Has Lost its Saltiness

Are Christians Terrorists

Baby Malachi – A History of a Little Boy ‘Though He is Dead, He Still Speaks’

Beware of ‘Living Wills’

BTK – Not the Only Serial Killer in Wichita

Christ vs the World – All Religions Do Not Lead to God

Conservatism is Pretend Salt

‘Do Not Judge – Conversation between a High School Student and Flip

Does God Still Judge the Nations

Ecclesiastical Court – Supreme Court of the USA in Contempt of the Court of Almighty God

Election 2008 – What are We to Do

Emancipation Proclamation – ‘A Study in National Repentance’

Fighting the Lie – Overcoming the Radical Homosexual Agenda

Hillary Rodham Clinton is God’s Man

Homosexuality vs Christianity – Should we Build Bridges or Storm the Gates

I Am Not Ashamed of the American Flag

Incrementalism Part 1 – The Lie from the Pit of Hell

Incrementalism Part 2 – The Faustian Wager

Incrementalism vs Gods Word – Where do you Stand

Michael Jackson – The Tragic Truth About Homosexuality

Obama ‘Change – Rebellion or Repentance’

Our Nation is Shifting Toward the Lie

Pleading the Case of the Fatherless to Win it

Republican or Christian – Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve

Sarah Palin – a Sign of God’s Blessing or God’s Curse

Saul’s Armor – The Failed Strategy of the Pro-life Movement

Saving Terri Schaivo – What We Must do to Save Terri and Others Like Her

Signs and Judgments – Bill Clinton – The Nation / George W Bush – The Church

Sing A Little Louder

The Battle Between Two Seeds – Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

The Election is Over – 2006 ‘Now Let’s go Fight the Battle

The Graphic Truth of Abortion

The Great Divide in our Nation

The Passion – Who Really Killed Jesus?

The Steel Girder Cross of the Twin Towers

The Theft of Thanksgiving

Truth vs Reality – ‘The Tumbling Woman’

Why Are All Terrorists Muslim?

Why Do Our Conservative Friends Hate Mike?

Why Kids are Killing Kids?

Why We Don’t Shoot Abortionists or Blow up Abortion Mills – The Way of the Cross: No cheap Solutions

Would Jesus Carry such Graphic Pictures?