Dear OSA leaders and laborers,

Here’s an opportunity to partner with Sidewalks4Life.

Sidewalks4Life is a website dedicated to equipping gentle Christians who will share the Gospel of the Kingdom and save preborn lives at abortion centers nationwide. This training tool is helping to fan the flames in the hearts of those who have awakened to the reality of the abortion holocaust in our nation.

Sidewalks4Life also seeks to connect current sidewalk missionaries to individuals who are being recruited into the battle, as they begin to step out of their comfort zones to serve Jesus at their local abortion center.

Are you willing to introduce these people to your sidewalk ministry at your local abortion center? If so, WE NEED YOU.

Please contact Lisa Metzger at

Please provide her with your Name, Email Address, and Location of Ministry (ex, Planned Parenthood, Houston, TX) and you will be added to the list of veteran sidewalk counselors who are willing to help other Christians begin to reach out and speak out in their city.