Anti-abortion group targets Jackson clinic
Joan Barron, Star-Tribune Capital Bureau

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  1. jhitch says:

    I just wanted to thank you for coming to our very peaceful state and showing our children pictures of dead fetuses!!! That was really great, now I have to explain to my 5 year old why people were showing these awful pictures of dead babies. I do agree with the fact that Dr Blue does perform abortions, and it is wrong, but the pictures go to the extreme! We get it, but please never, ever, ever come back to our state blaring these photos again, you may be backed by the government to show these pictures, but is it really necessary for the children to view them? What about the kids on the bus, who are riding past these pictures every day on the way home from school, who didn't have the warning to close their eyes???? What do you say to them? Yes, it is the truth, but can't we wait until they are like, a teenager to talk to them about this subject, really, I think 5 is a little bit too young to see this type of thing without there parents around to explain things!!!

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