For those of us privileged to join Chet Gallagher at our National Event in Las Vegas in July, 2009, know that they have made a television special about us.  May Jesus receive all of the glory and preborn children have a strong defense. ~ Flip

To all Las Vegans who are concerned about the sanctity of human life:

Please tune to Keen-TV on Cox Cable channel 119 at 9 pm tonight and tomorrow night for a special program entitled, “Operation Save America.” This is a moving documentary about abortion and the how the pro-life  movement in Las Vegas and around the country is working to help save babies and bring the women and men involved in crisis pregnancies to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and our Lord’s loving grace. The program is a two-parter that runs as a special edition of “Las Vegas Tonight”at 9 pm Thursday June 9th and Friday, June 10th, only on Keen-TV on Cox Cable channel 119. This two hour special was more than a year in the making and has been submitted for several industry awards, including an Emmy.

Telephone numbers for the Women’s Resource Center and First Choice Pregnancy Services appear at the end of each episode.

For additional information contact: Keen-TV at (702) 636-1717.