R.C. Sproul Jr., son of the eminent reformed theologian R.C. Sproul Sr., preached a powerful sermon at his father’s church (St. Andrews) preparing the way for OSA to storm the gates of hell in Orlando, Florida, this July 16-23.  Rarely have I heard a sermon preached that moved me to the very core of my being.  His exposition of James 1:22-27, a troublesome Scripture for many of us, is clear and succinct hitting me right between my “self-righteously” indignant eyes. 

I am one who likes to look into the mirror of God’s Word, and then go on my merry way doing whatever I want to do, but doing it all in the Name of Jesus.  R.C. allowed me no wiggle room.  After hearing this sermon, this confrontation between Almighty God and puffed up me, I repented and am repenting of my selfish ways and desiring to practice true and undefiled religion (read, real Christianity).

Faye told me it was the best pro-life sermon she had ever heard.  This caused me no undue heartache.  Not really.  I asked Rusty to invite R.C. to join us at our National Event and speak.  He graciously accepted the offer saying, “Have Gospel Will Travel!”

The sermon is about 40 minutes long.  Enjoy!    ~ Flip

Click Here to see this sermon via Youtube