This little 15 minute video, done by Jay Rogers, covers a part of our Memorial Service conducted at the Orange County Jail just hours after Casey Anthony’s release from jail.  All of the major mainstream media was there.  We were surrounded by satellite trucks.  Yet, No one came.  No one wanted to know the story from God’s perspective.  No one really seemed to care.  But we gave ‘em heaven anyway.  We shouted the truth from the housetops and connected the dots between what Casey Anthony did to her daughter Caylee Marie, with what mothers do to their children by the thousands everyday through abortion.

Jay Rogers said this:   “This was an important event in the OSA outreach.  I did not enjoy being there for obvious reasons as I was taping the people passing the casket of Baby Choice.  There are over 3000 Caylee Anthony’s each day in America.  That ought to sadden and disturb us.  Also the murder of born children by their parents is at epidemic proportions.  Flip Benham asks us to “connect the dots.”  It’s not easy, but it’s true.”