You all remember Jay Rogers, one of the great saints fighting for the lives of preborn children in the Orlando area.  He is also a researcher, historian, teacher, and a wonderful writer.  Here is his account of the Randall Whitney and James Pendergraft partnership in establishing an abortion web in central Florida.  The saints in Orlando have been storming the gates of hell at these child-killing centers for years and thousands of moms and dads have chosen life as a result of their efforts. 


Just one more evidence of the crumbling abortion industry in America.  You will enjoy this 9 minute interview with John Barros.  Here is a word from our sister Sandy Sayre upon hearing of this wonderful occasion:  “Several killing centers are closing.  Not one of them closed because our government was appalled enough to close them.  No, our government only regulates how the killing can be accomplished – you know, to reduce the harm and keep this abomination safe and nice.  It is God’s people who stand and pray, hold signs up to show the slaughter and, I might add, suffer the shame of taunts from a world that does not know Jesus and sadly from some who say they do.  Thank you Jesus for Your hand in this victory.  Dear Saints keep praying, keep going to the Gates of Hell where Satan thinks he is winning, and above all press on in the strong name of Jesus – He is the prize in Glory.”

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The Word of the Lord continues to come to pass, “Now see what I will do.” In this video John Barros, a watchman upon the wall in Orlando, FL, witnesses the fruit of his labor come to pass. We rejoice with the saints in Orlando for this great victory. They have confronted this evil for years and yesterday their faith was rewarded. Abortionist Pendergraft’s bloody empire is being plundered. May it continue till it is no more in Jesus’ mighty name!

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas


Police Raid Orlando abortionist James Pendergraft’s clinic
Interview with sidewalk evangelist John Barros

By John Barros

“What is nicer than seeing police knock down doors and haul out evidence at Orlando Women’s Center abortion mill? The sheriff actually let me help put up the crime scene tape. Place is swarming with undercover cops. Thank you Jesus. This is so awesome! Furniture, paintings, ultrasound machines — everything being loaded onto a truck.”

The above description is from John Barros, a missionary to the preborn at Orlando Women’s Center who does sidewalk counseling and preaching five days a week.


Authorities raid Orlando abortion clinic 

ORLANDO, Fla. – Channel 9 has learned details surrounding a raid at an abortion clinic in Orlando on Thursday.

The clinic is called the Orlando Women’s Center, and it’s located at Lucerne Terrace in downtown Orlando. Dr. James Pendergraft said Thursday’s raid was tied to a 2001 lawsuit where a patient, mid-abortion, left the facility, and later gave birth to a child with cerebral palsy.

WFTV found out that Pendergraft was found guilty of medical malpractice and his license had been suspended.

That case went to court and there was a $38 million dollar judgment decided in 2011.

But the clinic has only paid $100,000 of that settlement. Pendergraft said the raid is the result of that.

Pendergraft said the agents were taking whatever they could to help settle the suit after collections agents could not get money from them. He said the assets were not his, but rather in a trust.

“The sheriff department is following the orders of the judge that had this done on Monday, but what makes this illegal is that it’s not mine or that of Orlando Women’s Center,” said Pendergraft. Pendergraft said as a result of the raid, his patients are being sent elsewhere.

The clinic has been in the news before. It’s controversial because it’s one of the only clinics in the area that offers late-term abortions and has offered coupons for abortion discounts in the past.

But Pendergraft told WFTV the raid is not connected to anything other than the lawsuit.

The Saints in Orlando are rejoicing over the fact that a mighty man in Christ, John Barros – sidewalk  counselor par excellance, was asked by an Orlando Sherriff to help put up “crime scene” tape to seal off all ingress and egress in front of the Orlando Women’s Clinic (OWC).  That’s right!  This abortion mill, owned by abortionist James Pendergraft, was shut down for a day at least while a moving van arrived to haul off the mill’s  equipment. 

Pray that this mill will never open its doors again.  Here’s a few of the pictures!



Here is Miss Pat’s report on her marvelous adventure yesterday with Jesus, Jay Rogers, and Cheryl Bischoff.

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Three brave soldiers of the cross of Christ dared to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in a neighborhood where a known murderer of God’s precious preborn children lives.  They brought the Gospel of Christ to the streets and the local SWAT Team removed them from the streets.  They were arrested for carrying and reading from a Bible, carrying a video recorder, and carrying a sign that said “Celebrate Life!”  This was all done on a public sidewalk.  They were all released from jail.  Here is Jay’s report.

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My friend of 20 years, Pat McEwen, was simply standing on a sidewalk and reading her Bible. I was taking video of a pro-life march. Cheryl Bischoff was celebrating LIFE in front of the home of a Planned Parenthood executive on Aloma Ave in Winter Park, Florida — a four lane highway in an upper class section of Orlando. 

Apparently, the city SWAT Team decided we were violating a “no picketing” ordinance.

Yes, they called the Winter Park SWAT team on us. The regular police were not good enough.

Actually, they were really nice guys. One of them described his training with machine guns to us later as we were being booked.

When we got to the police station in Winter Park, they were trying to find a copy of the ordinance that they arrested us for. The Winter Park SWAT Team had a big discussion about what to call our crime. Finally, they decided on “Picketing in a Prohibited Area.”

I was hoping for “Conspiracy to Commit Loitering.” But they didn’t take my advice.

I also got to preach to about a dozen jail workers. I had to give my religious preference when I checked in. 

I asked: “What have you got?”

I looked at the list and I picked “evangelical” — I explained what it meant. I said it means that you believe

 that “You must be born-again.”

Very soon, I had about seven of the processors gathered around me wanting to know why I’d go to an abortionist’s home and get arrested. We talked about the murder case in Tampa.  It’s fascinating. It turns out that federal law says that killing an unborn first trimester child is murder.

We also talked about God’s Law, being “born-again,” and the whether the death penalty is biblical. Not necessarily in that order.

My bunkmate (for all of three hours) was a 43-year-old crystal meth dealer who I tried to “sympathize” with. When I bonded out, he felt he had to give me his cell phone number. I have no idea why. This guy really needs God to do a miracle in his life.

On my release, the processor asked me to repeat my name, DOB, and reason for arrest.

I said, “John Rogers, 6/24/62, Standing for Jesus on a sidewalk.”

The woman asked me to repeat that and smiled.

The jail officer asked me if I was insulting the woman at the desk.

I said, “No, just the opposite. I am glorifying God.”

He said: “What if she doesn’t believe in God?”

Me: “Oh … well, He does exist!”

Jail worker: “How do you know? Have you seen him? Have you touched him?”

Me: “Yes! I know His presence!”

Jail worker: “Oh really?”

Me: “If you could feel the presence of God right now, would you believe in Jesus?”

Jail worker: “Don’t preach! You’re preaching to me!”

Me: “No, you asked me a question and I elaborated.”

Jail worker: “Don’t preach in here! You are preaching!”

Yes, that was my whole point. That’s why we were arrested. But I didn’t want to be arrested again on my way out. So I left it at that.

I later found out that we had the largest Awareness Campaign a few blocks east at Winter Park Memorial Hospital where abortionist Emil Felski is on staff. Later many of these humble saints of God came down to the Orange County Jail and picketed and prayed where we were being held for  few hours.
Wow! I wish I could have been there, but I had a subsequent engagement. Maybe next time? From what I hear the two combined events had 30 plus people. That would make it the largest ever Awareness Campaign in Orange county. We certainly know how to get a lot of bang out of our buck. Figuratively speaking of course.



The pro life movement has lost another warrior.  Norma Monroe, faithful wife, loving mother and defender of life graduated into the Church Triumphant on Monday May 6, 2013.   Norma loved her family and the babies but first she loved the Lord.

Norma & Al, her husband of 63 years, were faithful defenders of life both at home in Florida and with OSA.  Al & Norma were part of the pro-life group that showed up at the last clinic in Brevard County, Florida every time it was open until it finally closed forever. She is happy now with Jesus, her Lord & Savior, but she will be sorely missed by her pro-life family.  See you in heaven, my friend.

Miss Pat

The wonderful saints in Orlando, Florida, have run into a new city ordinance that is designed to remove them from bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the neighborhoods where abortionists live.  It is totally unconstitutional, but it is what the abortion industry does to silence Christians who are giving mom’s a real choice at abortion mills.

Our good friend John Barros, whom most of you met while at our National Event in Orlando, July 2011, is fighting hard bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to pregnant mothers entering the gates of hell at the OWC abortion mill in Orlando.

This insane idea is none other than the infamous late term abortionist, Dr. Pendergraft’s brain child. He is merciless mercenary that has spent over a year in jail for his butchery of women and their children, and whom we also witnessed on trial for botching yet another abortion.

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This article (via was forwarded to us by Michelle Sochia. She and her husband Dale have been such a blessing to those faced with the horrible choice of abortion. Many have chosen “life” as a result of their ministry in New Orleans. Several have come to know the liberty found only in Christ, that sets the captive free.

This article came out last week and I haven’t stopped thinking about it … maybe you can forward to your friends to raise awareness to those who don’t realize what is happening in our country. I agree with this writer …. what about co-workers, friends, families … is everyone’s heart so hardened that they say nothing?? This woman clearly had other options and help available to her, but chose to kill her twin daughters anyway. A picture is worth a thousand words … after seeing her picture I was literally nauseated and still am. How can the clinic workers even sleep at night? I am a nurse and leave work affected by my patients and what they are going through that day … you can’t help but be moved by people and I often pray with them and go home and pray for them. How can someone’s heart be so hard that she is not moved by the murder of innocent babies? How can we live in a country that “okays” the murder of preborn babies and actually make it legal? Jesus, help our nation! Open the eyes of those that are so blinded and deceived! Please forgive us! The blood of all the murdered babies cries out! We cry out Lord in repentance of our nation! Please forgive us! May America and the world fall to their knees in repentance and make You the Lord of their lives!


This is a letter from our wonderful friend John Barros who is celebrating his second year of full-time ministry at the Orlando Women’s Center (OWC), in Orlando, Florida.  John has been a faithful witness for Christ at this abortion mill for a lot longer than two years and so many young children are alive today because he has been there. 

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