This article (via was forwarded to us by Michelle Sochia. She and her husband Dale have been such a blessing to those faced with the horrible choice of abortion. Many have chosen “life” as a result of their ministry in New Orleans. Several have come to know the liberty found only in Christ, that sets the captive free.

This article came out last week and I haven’t stopped thinking about it … maybe you can forward to your friends to raise awareness to those who don’t realize what is happening in our country. I agree with this writer …. what about co-workers, friends, families … is everyone’s heart so hardened that they say nothing?? This woman clearly had other options and help available to her, but chose to kill her twin daughters anyway. A picture is worth a thousand words … after seeing her picture I was literally nauseated and still am. How can the clinic workers even sleep at night? I am a nurse and leave work affected by my patients and what they are going through that day … you can’t help but be moved by people and I often pray with them and go home and pray for them. How can someone’s heart be so hard that she is not moved by the murder of innocent babies? How can we live in a country that “okays” the murder of preborn babies and actually make it legal? Jesus, help our nation! Open the eyes of those that are so blinded and deceived! Please forgive us! The blood of all the murdered babies cries out! We cry out Lord in repentance of our nation! Please forgive us! May America and the world fall to their knees in repentance and make You the Lord of their lives!