Some of you may remember this infamous abortionist. During one of our national events in Charlotte, NC, OSA went to his neighborhood to call him to repent of murdering God’s babies. His response was captured on tape and went viral.

It seems the “good doctor” has descended further down the road to perdition. He was recently arrested for rape. Without a doubt, the abortion industry is collapsing under the weight of their own sin. May he finally take heed to the Word of God that has been so graciously offered to him on many occasions. May he repent, believe, and receive the salvation of Christ to transform his life. And may he use his skill as a doctor to bring health and healing, instead of death and destruction in Jesus’ name!

 Our good friend Alan Hoyle has been arrested for attempting to be reunited with his family.  Please pray for him and write him.  He desperately desires to be back with his wife and children.

In Christian love,


Our yokefellow, Alan Hoyle has gone through an ugly divorce. His 6 children literally stolen from him by his deserting wife, in splendid cooperation with a Texas judge who denied Alan contact with his children UNTIL THEY ARE 18 YEARS OLD! Alan lost his savings, his house, and is losing his business. His wife took possession of their North Carolina house after being absent for 3 years. Alan was charged with Stalking after trying to make contact with her. He is presently in jail on $40,000 bond. He is likely to be there for some time. Alan’s next court date is April 10, 2014

 Alan ministered with us last week in Columbus, Ohio. He has been a tremendous blessing to us, the babies, and especially to Ron Brock. He has kept Ron’s vehicle going and has rescued him many times when Ron was broken down.

 When Alan gets out of jail will there be anything left of his business? He is ordered to pay outrageous support with what? Alan’s address is:

Lincoln County Jail

Alan Hoyle

P.O. Box 506

Lincolnton, NC 28093

use his business address for a return address in case he is released early: 319 N Poplar Street Lincolnton, NC 28092

 Dan & Donna Holman

This is an amazing yet very sad story about law enforcement, the media in our nation, and what they attempt to do to those saints who stand for Christ and the lives of His precious preborn children.  Jo Scott wrote this story which exposes the real behind the scenes truth of what happened at this high pro-file physical assault on Everett Stadig, 69 years old, and a great friend of Jesus and His preborn children.  It has been picked up by several different media outlets.

The providential hand of God at work in history!  

Just received this from Rusty.  We need to continue our prayers for the saints who are standing so valiantly for the lives of our Lord’s precious preborn children at the last free standing abortion mill in the state of Mississippi.

Pray in Jesus’ mighty Name! Flip

Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

Last night I had the privilege to address the Jackson Christian/Pro-life community at their 41st Roe vs. Wade anniversary. I challenged them to finish strong to become the first abortion free state in America. This morning we took the Gospel of the Kingdom back to the gates of hell. The pro-aborts were out in force to make sure women murdered their babies, the police cruised by, but did not stop today, while Christians pleaded the case of the fatherless to win it.

Yesterday, it was a different story as once again the police went out of their way to intimidate peaceful Christians doing their duty to love God and their neighbor as themselves. The following is the report. God willing, I’m heading back home to my precious family today. next week it is on to North Carolina for our annual OSA Leadership meeting. At that time, we will lay out our plans for the new year, bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to the different gates in Charlotte, such as, schools and the three remaining death camps. Once again, we covert your prayers and appreciate so much your love and support.

“He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, Both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord” (Proverbs 17:15).

It appears the Jackson Police Department shows no sign of slowing down their harassment, persecution, and arbitrary law enforcement against peaceful, Pro-life Christians. God’s people showed up at the last remaining death camp today to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We even had a permit to be there issued by the city of Jackson. There were no altercations, no violation of any law, God or man, and yet the police came out.

They had one purpose. I watched them go to Cal Zastrow, whom they had arrested a few times prior. While he was preaching on a public sidewalk, they checked his feet, and they checked to see if his sign was touching the ground for that is an arrestable offense in Jackson. Cal complied completely to their arbitrary demands.

Afterward, the police officer walked away and Cal lifted his voice to preach once again. The police officer immediately turned on his heels and swiftly came back to Cal saying he was under arrest for hollering. Hollering? Really? He had no amplification. He was just preaching God’s Word to people who desperately needed to hear the truth before they did the unspeakable to their own children.

The police officer grabbed Cal and took him towards his police car and informed him the official charge was “disorderly conduct.” This was a “field arrest.” They wrote him a ticket and released him. Meanwhile, local Pastor, Doug Lane, took Cal’s place and began to preach. They hauled him away, but decided to let him go. Apparently, yesterday their commander told Pastor Lane that they could preach as loud as they desired, if they did not have amplification. That was yesterday and apparently the rules were changed once again.

Right after they took Pastor Doug away, a local pastor and myself, lifted up our voices and unsheathed the two-edged sword as our brethren before us. For whatever reason, they did not go after us. Cal said later that was because, “you were the nice preacher.” Be that as it may, the pattern of harassment continues by this police department that has been warned by the federal government and a Christian law firm to cease and desist denying peaceful, Pro-life Christians their First Amendment rights.

We are now compiling the history of all the bogus charges, court cases, and testimonies to demonstrate the pattern of injustice. Prayerfully, there will soon be local and national lawyers working together to hold this city and its police department accountable for their consistent harassment against God’s people.

For a long time, we have been scratching our heads wondering why the police have such a zeal to arrest the saints. We always thought there was an unholy alliance between the police department and the last remaining death camp in Mississippi. We are rethinking that position.

There is a business man across the street who vowed to his artsy, economic buddies of the area that he would remove the Christians from the death camp within six months. That was several years ago and the saints are still there. In fact, their presence there is growing to the chagrin of many. Apparently, he is the one that calls the police and they answer to his beck and call. God’s Word rings true, “The love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Timothy 6:10).

In this guys mind, it is not the abortion mill that murders babies across the street that is the problem that jeopardizes business in his community. No! It is the Christians who are standing in the gap, seeking to save lives, and stopping the murder in his community that is the problem.

Brethren, we covet your prayers. Chet Gallagher will be returning for the third time to stand trial over similar fraudulent charges against him on February 12. God willing, we will back to stand with him and work behind the scenes as well to end this unholy alliance between the abortion mill, the Jackson police department, and the wealthy business man. To God be the glory and may Mississippi become the first abortion free state in America soon in Jesus’ name!

Three gentle warriors in the Lord in Jackson, Mississippi, were arrested on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, for praying on a public sidewalk in front of Mississippi’s last remaining abortion mill.  Harriet Ashley, Ron Niederhoed, and Esther Mann are our friends and better friends of King Jesus and His precious preborn children.

Thank God for their stand!  Would that all of God’s church would do the same. 

Enjoy Dr. Pat McEwen’s reporting of this sad yet glorious event here.






Our own Donna Holman was assaulted on the public sidewalk because a college student was “shocked” by the graphic image she was holding.  He was charged and later said he was sorry he had hit a 78 year old woman but that he was “shocked.”  He should be shocked. The abortion industry and their accomplices, liberal media want to hide the reality of what abortion is. It is the cruel and bloody murder of an innocent baby! The truth is shocking but none the less true!  Here’s the story via


Miss Pat  

Here is Miss Pat’s report on her marvelous adventure yesterday with Jesus, Jay Rogers, and Cheryl Bischoff.

All I can say is, Hallelujah!  ~ Flip


Three brave soldiers of the cross of Christ dared to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in a neighborhood where a known murderer of God’s precious preborn children lives.  They brought the Gospel of Christ to the streets and the local SWAT Team removed them from the streets.  They were arrested for carrying and reading from a Bible, carrying a video recorder, and carrying a sign that said “Celebrate Life!”  This was all done on a public sidewalk.  They were all released from jail.  Here is Jay’s report.

Enjoy!   ~ Flip


My friend of 20 years, Pat McEwen, was simply standing on a sidewalk and reading her Bible. I was taking video of a pro-life march. Cheryl Bischoff was celebrating LIFE in front of the home of a Planned Parenthood executive on Aloma Ave in Winter Park, Florida — a four lane highway in an upper class section of Orlando. 

Apparently, the city SWAT Team decided we were violating a “no picketing” ordinance.

Yes, they called the Winter Park SWAT team on us. The regular police were not good enough.

Actually, they were really nice guys. One of them described his training with machine guns to us later as we were being booked.

When we got to the police station in Winter Park, they were trying to find a copy of the ordinance that they arrested us for. The Winter Park SWAT Team had a big discussion about what to call our crime. Finally, they decided on “Picketing in a Prohibited Area.”

I was hoping for “Conspiracy to Commit Loitering.” But they didn’t take my advice.

I also got to preach to about a dozen jail workers. I had to give my religious preference when I checked in. 

I asked: “What have you got?”

I looked at the list and I picked “evangelical” — I explained what it meant. I said it means that you believe

 that “You must be born-again.”

Very soon, I had about seven of the processors gathered around me wanting to know why I’d go to an abortionist’s home and get arrested. We talked about the murder case in Tampa.  It’s fascinating. It turns out that federal law says that killing an unborn first trimester child is murder.

We also talked about God’s Law, being “born-again,” and the whether the death penalty is biblical. Not necessarily in that order.

My bunkmate (for all of three hours) was a 43-year-old crystal meth dealer who I tried to “sympathize” with. When I bonded out, he felt he had to give me his cell phone number. I have no idea why. This guy really needs God to do a miracle in his life.

On my release, the processor asked me to repeat my name, DOB, and reason for arrest.

I said, “John Rogers, 6/24/62, Standing for Jesus on a sidewalk.”

The woman asked me to repeat that and smiled.

The jail officer asked me if I was insulting the woman at the desk.

I said, “No, just the opposite. I am glorifying God.”

He said: “What if she doesn’t believe in God?”

Me: “Oh … well, He does exist!”

Jail worker: “How do you know? Have you seen him? Have you touched him?”

Me: “Yes! I know His presence!”

Jail worker: “Oh really?”

Me: “If you could feel the presence of God right now, would you believe in Jesus?”

Jail worker: “Don’t preach! You’re preaching to me!”

Me: “No, you asked me a question and I elaborated.”

Jail worker: “Don’t preach in here! You are preaching!”

Yes, that was my whole point. That’s why we were arrested. But I didn’t want to be arrested again on my way out. So I left it at that.

I later found out that we had the largest Awareness Campaign a few blocks east at Winter Park Memorial Hospital where abortionist Emil Felski is on staff. Later many of these humble saints of God came down to the Orange County Jail and picketed and prayed where we were being held for  few hours.
Wow! I wish I could have been there, but I had a subsequent engagement. Maybe next time? From what I hear the two combined events had 30 plus people. That would make it the largest ever Awareness Campaign in Orange county. We certainly know how to get a lot of bang out of our buck. Figuratively speaking of course.

Ken and Jo Scott are headed to the United States Supreme Court.  Their battle with ultra liberal, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, pro any religion so long as it is not biblical Christianity, St. John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Denver, Colorado, is waxing hot.  It is a battle over the First Amendment and the lives of preborn children.  The title for the Times article presents us with an “either – or” logical fallacy.  How foolish of “the old gray lady!”  It is not a matter of which one we must protect – we must protect them both.   ~ Flip

Here’s the story from the NY Times dated May 13, 2013.



Chet is garnering some more press for the Christians living out their faith at the gates of hell in Jackson, Mississippi.  Pray that Mississippi will soon become the first abortion free state in America. ~ Flip