Our good friend Alan Hoyle has been arrested for attempting to be reunited with his family.  Please pray for him and write him.  He desperately desires to be back with his wife and children.

In Christian love,


Our yokefellow, Alan Hoyle has gone through an ugly divorce. His 6 children literally stolen from him by his deserting wife, in splendid cooperation with a Texas judge who denied Alan contact with his children UNTIL THEY ARE 18 YEARS OLD! Alan lost his savings, his house, and is losing his business. His wife took possession of their North Carolina house after being absent for 3 years. Alan was charged with Stalking after trying to make contact with her. He is presently in jail on $40,000 bond. He is likely to be there for some time. Alan’s next court date is April 10, 2014

 Alan ministered with us last week in Columbus, Ohio. He has been a tremendous blessing to us, the babies, and especially to Ron Brock. He has kept Ron’s vehicle going and has rescued him many times when Ron was broken down.

 When Alan gets out of jail will there be anything left of his business? He is ordered to pay outrageous support with what? Alan’s address is:

Lincoln County Jail

Alan Hoyle

P.O. Box 506

Lincolnton, NC 28093

use his business address for a return address in case he is released early: 319 N Poplar Street Lincolnton, NC 28092

 Dan & Donna Holman