Some of you may remember this infamous abortionist. During one of our national events in Charlotte, NC, OSA went to his neighborhood to call him to repent of murdering God’s babies. His response was captured on tape and went viral.

It seems the “good doctor” has descended further down the road to perdition. He was recently arrested for rape. Without a doubt, the abortion industry is collapsing under the weight of their own sin. May he finally take heed to the Word of God that has been so graciously offered to him on many occasions. May he repent, believe, and receive the salvation of Christ to transform his life. And may he use his skill as a doctor to bring health and healing, instead of death and destruction in Jesus’ name!

The infamous abortionist here in the city of Charlotte, Ron Vermani (the one who told us to, “adopt those ugly black babies”), on a video of our Gospel visit to Ron’s neighborhood at our National Event in Charlotte in July, 2012, has just been charged with rape.  This video went viral.

I have been to Ron’s house, at his invitation, and shared the Gospel of Christ with him.  He is a very lonely, bitter and angry man.  His wife and children left him long ago.  His mouth (the words he speaks) provides us with an X-ray into his heart.

Here are two local stories.


Daniel and Courtney Parks, along with their six “kiddos,” have been faithful witnesses at the gates of hell here in Charlotte for several years now. Courtney is a nurse and Daniel often drives the Monroe Crisis Pregnancy Center RV and Sonogram Unit to the abortion mill on Latrobe Drive. They have been such a blessing and an incredible inspiration to all of us “street folks’ standing in the gap on behalf of Jesus and His precious preborn children.

This is Daniel’s report of what happened at Latrobe just a couple of weeks ago.

To God be all the glory!


​Saturday February 22, 2014 is a day that we will remember for a long time. We encountered something that we’ve never encountered in all the years we have been ministering at the abortion mill on Latrobe Dr. in Charlotte, NC. When I arrived at the mill with the mobile ultrasound unit, Brother Flip had already met a woman named Faith. Faith explained that her daughter, who we’ll call ‘D’, was inside the abortion mill, she had changed her mind and was trying to have her decision reversed. ‘D’ was over 18 weeks pregnant and required a 2 day abortion procedure. She had come the day before, heart set on aborting the baby inside her, pulled into the driveway like so many other mothers whose hearts are set on murder, and gone inside to start the procedure. Little did she know God had other plans! Some faithful sidewalk ministers were there, one in particular, Kathy Smothers, who pleaded the case for this precious baby. ‘D’ resisted and went inside to begin the two day procedure by having laminaria inserted into her cervix to make way for the hired assassins implements of death the next day. Faith stayed outside with the other children, and while ‘D’ was inside, and Mrs. Kathy pled with her the whole time to help spare that baby’s life. Something Mrs. Kathy said to ‘D’ while they were leaving stuck in her mind and reached her heart. She asked ‘D’ to pray and ask the Lord what he would have her do. ‘D’ took this charge seriously, went home and prayed with a heavy but now soft heart. ‘D’ told us that while praying and asking the Lord what to do she felt the baby moving around and kicking, her heart completely shifted, and she knew she couldn’t end this life inside of her! Instead of a hardened heart set on death, she now had a softened heart set of life, desperate to save her little one.

“D” had come back early that next morning to see about having the procedure reversed and the laminaria removed. Her mom said she was told by clinic staff that the doctor had to see her and would take it out before she could leave. Knowing how deceptive the staff at this mill can be, we implored Fatith to get ‘D’ out as soon as possible and let us help her, we didn’t want them to try and change her mind back or force the abortion on her. We told Faith to call the police if they wouldn’t let her leave. Faith assured us, ‘D’s mind was made up, she wanted to fight for this baby and she would not let them complete the abortion. Finally after Virmani arrived ‘D’ came out. She was very upset, she said they were very mean and rude and she refused to let that man (Virmani) touch her!

Thankfully the mobile ultrasound unit was there, and while we desperately tried to reach our prolife doctor, Dr. Harrison, we were able to minister to her and show her the precious baby that was still safe inside her womb. After a few phone calls by some very resourceful sidewalk counselors, we were able to reach Dr. Harrison who was able to see ‘D’ right away, he met her at a local ER and removed the laminaria himself, sparing this baby’s life.

We spoke with ‘D’ this past week and she couldn’t be more grateful that God put us in her path that day. She said that if no one had questioned her, or challenged her decision, if no one had spoken up for that baby, who knows what would have happened. And today, she still carries the baby safely in her womb!

It’s great to see in a situation like this, and many others we’ve encountered, how the body of Christ is able to come together in the many facets of Prolife ministry to help those in need and rescue the perishing. This baby’s life was spared through the efforts of Operation Save America, Cities4Life, Monroe HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Dr. Matt Harrison. All are just simple Christians following the command to go!

On Monday, February 17, 2014, was an amazing day at the gates of hell in the city of Charlotte.  A brand new sidewalk counselor had the privilege of witnessing and participating in the saving of five babies at “A Preferred Women’s Health Center.”  That’s right!  She saw with her own eyes what God can do when we simply show-up – the gates cannot prevail against the prevailing Church of Jesus Christ!


 Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end – and not one second sooner!



We all had a great leadership meeting here in snowy Charlotte, NC, earlier this month – and what a meeting it was! We stormed the gates of hell at two high schools, three abortion mills, and three abortionist’s neighborhoods.  Best of all, we planned our way allowing God to direct our steps as we strategized to allow the theology of heaven to become biography in the streets of our cities this new year.  Below is Rusty’s report of our meeting with maybe a special surprise.


Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

Operation Save America Leadership Meeting 2014

“Plans are established by counsel; by wise counsel wage war” (Proverbs 20:18).

What an adventure the annual leadership meeting turned out to be for Operation Save America. Leaders from all across America braved the ice storm as they made their way to Kannapolis, NC to discuss the New Year and storm the gates of hell. There is great glory when the saints get together to love God and serve His purposes. Though there were many obstacles to overcome, our time in North Carolina proved beneficial.

The traveling, however, was still treacherous. Most of the time the highway was a parking lot with little or no movement. Thousands of abandoned cars and trucks were scattered along the Interstate. Some of them parked on the actual highway lanes in all directions. Several trucks and trailers jackknifed and there were several accidents. A lot of people were stranded, hunkering down in their cars, convenient stores, and other places. To God be the glory, the OSA saints pressed on and made it safe to fulfill our appointed time together.


The ministry of God’s word, as usual, was rich. We feasted upon God’s truth to renew our devotion to Him and the just cause to end the American holocaust. Rev. Flip Benham, Pastor Keith Tucci, and other anointed men of God addressed the gathering to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry. We discussed our national event in New Orleans from July 19-26, 2014, the States of Refuge campaign, and two new ministry opportunities. More on that later. We enjoyed great fellowship, meals, and outreaches on the streets of North Carolina.


Our time together also consisted of taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to the highways and byways as our Lord commanded. Each morning we split up into teams and went to different gates of the city. The first morning we went to two high schools. We set up signs, passed out Christian/Pro-life literature, and preached the Gospel on portable sound systems. The first school had limited access to the students, but we did the best we could under the circumstances.

The second school afforded us greater access to the students and for the most part we were well received. Very few students refused the tracts. The police, however, were called out and gave some of our preachers a warning about the city’s sound ordinance. Everyone, except one, for some reason I was not included in the warning.

I was a couple of minutes into the message explaining why we were there at the high school, when a police officer noticed the sound system. My text was Romans 6:23, which states, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” The essence of the message connected the signs we held to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The first sign we showed was the picture of Malachi, which means, “My messenger.”

This sign revealed the horrific reality of abortion. It demonstrated the graphic nature of this cruel act perpetrated by the sin and crime of abortion against children made in God’s image. In this, we witnessed the wages of sin, which is death.

On the other hand, we held live baby signs, which revealed the “gift of God is eternal life.” One sign points out what happens to a nation that violates God’s laws. It is ugly, horrible, and leads to death, both physical and eternal. The other sign points out what happens to nations that honor God’s law. It is beautiful.

Once the police officer saw me, however, he turned on his lights, whipped his car around, jumped out, and aggressively moved towards the portable sound system. He ripped it from my hands and without a warning wrote up a citation. Apparently, he was upset about our presence at the high school. After receiving the citation, I shook his hand and blessed him in the name of the Lord.

The citation demanded a return on March 6th for a court trial. Instead of making the long trip back to North Carolina, I opted to pay a fine. In the long run, it was a much cheaper option, though the injustice remains.

The next day our teams went to two death camps and three neighborhoods of abortionists. The Scriptures teach, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them” (Ephesians 5:11). Exposure became the order of the day. We exposed the truth and love of God to those lost in sin, darkness, and despair at the death camps. We also exposed the abortionists in their neighborhoods. The saints came back with many testimonies on how the Lord used our feeble attempts to love our neighbor as ourselves, advance the Kingdom, and expose this grave evil to set the captive free.

There was no small stir on our team, which consisted of Doc Johnston, his precious family, and a new couple who joined us at our leadership meeting. The couple set up signs at the entrance of the neighborhood, while Doc’s children passed out flyers in the neighborhood. Doc and I went to the abortionist, Jimmy Isaac Newton’s home. Unfortunately, he was not at home.

While Doc wrote a note to him calling him to repent and provide a way out through the Gospel to end his sinful activity of child murder, I noticed a couple filming us. After we went back to his home and dropped off the note, we addressed the couple. We explained why we were there and the man responded, “Go back to Virginia from whence you came.” We responded, “How do you know we are from Virginia.” Doc told him that he was from Ohio and I was from Texas. From there, we ministered the Gospel to them. As we preached, we both became aware that the man was brandishing a gun. Interestingly enough, the Gospel proved more powerful than the gun. They ran off telling us that they had called the police. Instantly, we became the church on the run. We packed up everybody and made it back safely to the camp for more meetings. Thanks be to God!



“Most men will proclaim each his own goodness, But who can find a faithful man” (Proverbs 20:6)?

About a month prior to the leadership meeting, brother Flip called me. We exchanged some small talk for awhile and then Flip got to the main reason for his call. Though I heard what he was saying, it was difficult to comprehend. I had to ask him to repeat what he was communicating to me. Even then, it was hard to accept what he was saying.

In the middle of our time together at our leadership meeting, Brother Flip Benham dropped the bomb he mentioned to me in our conversation previously. Though I knew was coming, it still took my breath away. Flip announced that after 20 years of faithful service he was stepping down as national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America.

The response in the room was similar to mine. Some could hardly believe it, while others choked back the tears. Others suspected this day would come, but still struggled with the reality that Flip was stepping down.

During my conversation with Flip prior to the meeting, he also asked me to take his place as national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. To be honest, the thought never entered my mind. For twenty years, the Lord called me to be a friend to Flip and serve him as assistant director. My only purpose was to stay faithful to the Lord in that capacity.

After he announced this to the leaders, he had me address the gathering. I have not to this point accepted the position, but asked the leaders to join me in prayer and then call me with their counsel. This report is now going out to a greater audience and my request remains. Would you please pray for Flip, OSA, and my family as we seek the Lord’s will in this crucial matter.

Our national event in New Orleans, LA from July 19-26, will be the last event Flip will lead the charge as national director of OSA. I admonish everyone who has been a part of OSA in times past to please try and make it to New Orleans. The Bible says we should give honor to whom honor is due (Romans 13:7). It is proper and fitting that we honor the man of God who has stood so faithful in the battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our nation. Hope to see you there.

How does a Christian determine what “pro-life” legislation He can support?  Unfortunately today, much of the cleverly crafted “Pro-Life” legislation that is offered up in our state and federal legislatures is not really “Pro-Life,” nor is it based upon God’s Word.  This is a fatal error! 


The Failure of Pro-Life Political Strategy to End Abortion

by Flip Benham January 16, 2014

What one perceives the battle to be will determine how he fights it.  God is dividing the Pro-Life movement in America.  This comes as no surprise to us Christians, because we know that Jesus always divides His friends (Luke 12:49-53) and unites his enemies (Herod and Pilate, Pharisees and Sadducees, all men) as He nears the cross.  This division is manifesting itself most visibly between those pro-life folks who perceive abortion to be a political issue and therefore to be resolved incrementally by political machinations in Washington, D.C., and those who perceive abortion to be a Gospel issue to be resolved by God’s Church wielding the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) while storming the gates of hell and being a voice for voiceless children. 

Political incrementalism is a lie birthed in the pit of hell that may stop some abortions but will never end abortion.  It gives the appearance of progress, assuages our consciences, and is a good fund raiser, but it never deals with the sin of abortion.  Sin cannot be redeemed or made better over time – it can only be repented of and forgiven by Christ.

Incrementalism has infected the thinking of the pro-life movement for the past 41 years.  It has paralyzed the Church of Jesus Christ.  It has moved us from standing upon the Word of God to end child killing, to relying on our own ability to make compromises with the enemy of God in order to stop abortion.  I now introduce you to the world’s penultimate Incrementalist.

The Devil Works Incrementally   

It is very telling that our enemy (the devil) never ceases his incremental push to bring sin into a human heart and into the heart of a nation.  He always works incrementally – it is his way.  Witness his first assault upon Eve in the garden in Genesis 3:1“Did God really say…?”  He begins the dialogue by bringing God’s Word into question.  He does not outright challenge God’s veracity – he just casts doubt in her mind.  It is his means to a far more diabolical end.

He then, incrementally pursues his plan by directly contradicting God’s Word, “You surely will not die…”   Genesis 3:4.  “Who does God think he is anyway,” asks the Old Deluder, “Who gives Him the right to determine who lives and who dies?”  Finally, as he sees his prey listening, questioning, and doubting, he moves in for the kill.  He calls the very character and motive of God into question, “For God knows that when you eat of it (the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God…”  God is withholding something wonderful from you.  He doesn’t care about you and doesn’t want you to have it, but I am here to help you get it now.

This is the devil’s modus-operendi.  It is called incrementalism.  It works.  He has led many hearts and many nations away from God with this calculated treachery.  Witness the whole Creation vs. Evolution controversy in America.  It gives us a perfect example of the devil’s incremental ways to overthrow Almighty God: 

Charles Darwin and John T. Scopes

Charles Darwin wrote the “Origin of the Species” in 1859 – it was another lie birthed in the pit of hell.  It cast doubt upon God’s Word, but most Christians at that time saw it for the lie that it really was.  As time passed, however, many intellectuals found it a convenient tool to remove God and His Word from man and his origin.  It was just a small beginning of the devil’s plan to dethrone Almighty God and enthrone himself – Incrementalism at its finest.

Sixty-eight years later, the infamous Scopes Trial was held in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1927.  This very public and wildly publicized trial quite literally placed God on the stand with William Jennings Bryan to defend Him against the world, the flesh, the devil, Charles Darwin, Clarence Darrow, the Baltimore Sun, the liberal elite, and the panoply of God-haters in America.  The media of the day found God irrelevant to man’s creation and purpose.  Therefore Evolution and Creation were now to be taught side by side in our nation’s schools.  Both were considered equally valid.  It was a slow and incremental process but the devil was carefully working his insidious plan.  He’s got the time, but he is on God’s leash.

It was never the devil’s intention that Evolution and Creation remain side by side in a pluralistic state.  Pluralism is never an end state.  It is simply that middle ground found between two conflicting worldviews that move us from one God and rule of law, to another.  It wasn’t long before Evolution was considered the only truly scientific explanation of creation and therefore the only subject allowed to be taught in schools.

Creation was considered (pseudo-science) and that is where we find ourselves today.  Incrementalism works!

Incrementalism is Not God’s Way

Incrementalism, however, is not God’s way!   Some have posited that if incrementalism works for the devil, we ought to turn it back on him employing the same method.  This is a deadly error because it causes us to compromise God’s Word.  Witness the way we, in the pro-life movement, have attempted to overcome the lie of Roe v. Wade.   Rather than fighting the battle with God’s Word, we have immersed ourselves in political strategy and legislation. Strategy has replaced Truth!

We have tried to overcome abortion by incrementally offering up compromising pieces of legislation: Parental Notification, Parental Consent, Twenty-four Hour Waiting Period, Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Fetal Pain Legislation, ad nauseam.  These are certainly well intentioned pieces of legislation but each one of them violates God’s Word.

Strategy Has Replaced Truth

Political strategy has indeed replaced the truth of God’s Word.  How so?  Each of these cleverly crafted incremental legislative initiatives ends with a tiny unspoken caveat:  “…and then you can kill the baby.”  Surprised!  You shouldn’t be.  Who do you think inspired this kind of legislation? 

If you notify the parents…then you can kill the baby.  If you have the parent’s consent…then you can kill the baby.  If you wait twenty-four hours…then you can kill the baby.  If you anesthetize the baby…then you can kill the baby.  If you draw a late term baby out of the mother’s womb feet first, you cannot kill him by sucking his brains out and then crushing his skull – you must rip his arms and legs off first…then you can kill the baby.

This is an abomination before Almighty God!  Using the devil’s means to accomplish God’s ends is a fatal error.    Neither will this political strategy ever bring and end to abortion.  God will not bless it.  Oh, incremental legislation may stop some abortions, but it will never end ABORTION!  The devil would be happy to sign on to any one, or all of these well-intentioned yet ridiculous pieces of legislation.  Of course, he is the author of them all.

The lie of incrementalism is that we become as God trying to negotiate with the enemy the terms of peace.  This is not our job.  The terms of peace have already been negotiated at the cross.  The victory has been won through Christ.  Jesus has made a public spectacle of the devil’s defeat.  Our sworn duty is to represent our risen Lord’s commands to an already defeated foe.  There is no need for negotiation.  We win when we stand uncompromisingly on God’s Word.  It is the only offensive weapon we have been issued, and the only one we need.

Working toward justice, no matter how well intentioned, is not being just.  To be just one must wield the sharp double edged Sword of the Spirit—the Word of God, and let the chips fall where they may.

Dredd Scott and the 3/5’s Law

During slavery in the antebellum South, many did not believe slaves to be “persons” – same lie as abortion, just a different colored glove covering the same fist.  As a matter of fact, the Dredd Scott Decision in 1857 legally rendered our black brothers and sisters the “property” of their slave masters.  The problem was that property couldn’t vote.  This did not bode well in the South, so the Southern states came up with legislation that made slaves 3/5’s of a “person.”

Seems like progress doesn’t it?  Instead of being mere “property” the slave was now considered 3/5’s of a “person.”  Of course this wasn’t the truth, but it was progress right?  Wrong! Why?  Because political strategy had replaced the TRUTH of the Gospel of Christ!  Our black brothers and sisters weren’t 3/5’s of a person; they were 5/5’s of a person created in the very image of God.  This truth divided our nation while the political parties grappled with strategy, compromise, and pragmatism in Washington, D.C.  God, however, was going to deal with the sin of slavery.  650 thousand men died in a bloody Civil War.  Truth finally prevailed!  But at what cost?

We need to deal with the sin of abortion – not attempt to regulate it with the hope of one day ending it!  We become the   devil’s joke when we incrementally try to outsmart him by our own political machinations.  He knows it prevents us from standing upon God’s Word—the only weapon he cannot withstand.  The Truth of God’s Word will always put an end to the lie!  The one offensive weapon we have to tear down the strongholds of the devil is the Word of God.  It is the very weapon that Jesus used during His temptation and it behooves us to do the same.

God’s Way – Unsheathing the Sword of the Spirit

God’s way is for us to stand upon His Word.  His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts,  We must never attempt to incrementally work toward justice by attempting to regulate evil.  We are simply commanded by God to act justly:  “He has showed you, O man, what is good.  And what does the Lord require of you?  To act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.”  Micah 6:8. 

This is called storming the gates of hell.  They cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ!  They will, however, forever prevail against the President, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Republican Party, Conservatism, and any other pretend salt one would care to offer up.

Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end – and not one second sooner!  It is only then that the laws of our land will begin to reflect that victory – not vice-versa.

We must never be duped into the incremental and pragmatic lie that our goal should be achieving only as much good as evil will allow.  We must stand on the perfect Word of God and God’s perfect standard of justice – Jesus!

What Kind of Legislation Can a Christian Support?

There are some pieces of legislation that we can support without compromising God’s word.  The first such bill was HB1 (now known as Personhood), introduced into the Georgia State house in 2007.  It certainly encapsulated the principles of Scripture. It was truly an all out declaration that human life begins at conception and therefore is due protection under the color of Law.  This was the beginning of something very significant – Personhood.  We are presently seeing move from the foolishness of the “incremental  approach” to an all out stand on God’s Word.

There was no stain of compromise in HB1. The Bill simply expands on our motto: “Pro-life Without apology; Without exception; Without compromise!” There are no escape clauses, no exceptions, no caveats that allow the killing of a child in the bill.

What criteria can one use to judge the plethora of “pro-life” legislative initiatives being introduced in Congress today?  The most certain measure is, “does this compromise God’s word?”  Another, does this legislation contain within it the unwritten caveat, “… then you can kill the baby?”

Now, judge righteously!

Keep storming the gates of hell in Jesus magnificent Name!


We did this interview on Fox News Charlotte, last Thursday evening, January 23, 2014.  What a joy to know that Jesus is the answer and that we need look nowhere else.



Adam Tennant, great friend of this ministry and a better friend of King Jesus and His precious preborn children, has written another very poignant article filled with biblical principle.