Daniel and Courtney Parks, along with their six “kiddos,” have been faithful witnesses at the gates of hell here in Charlotte for several years now. Courtney is a nurse and Daniel often drives the Monroe Crisis Pregnancy Center RV and Sonogram Unit to the abortion mill on Latrobe Drive. They have been such a blessing and an incredible inspiration to all of us “street folks’ standing in the gap on behalf of Jesus and His precious preborn children.

This is Daniel’s report of what happened at Latrobe just a couple of weeks ago.

To God be all the glory!


​Saturday February 22, 2014 is a day that we will remember for a long time. We encountered something that we’ve never encountered in all the years we have been ministering at the abortion mill on Latrobe Dr. in Charlotte, NC. When I arrived at the mill with the mobile ultrasound unit, Brother Flip had already met a woman named Faith. Faith explained that her daughter, who we’ll call ‘D’, was inside the abortion mill, she had changed her mind and was trying to have her decision reversed. ‘D’ was over 18 weeks pregnant and required a 2 day abortion procedure. She had come the day before, heart set on aborting the baby inside her, pulled into the driveway like so many other mothers whose hearts are set on murder, and gone inside to start the procedure. Little did she know God had other plans! Some faithful sidewalk ministers were there, one in particular, Kathy Smothers, who pleaded the case for this precious baby. ‘D’ resisted and went inside to begin the two day procedure by having laminaria inserted into her cervix to make way for the hired assassins implements of death the next day. Faith stayed outside with the other children, and while ‘D’ was inside, and Mrs. Kathy pled with her the whole time to help spare that baby’s life. Something Mrs. Kathy said to ‘D’ while they were leaving stuck in her mind and reached her heart. She asked ‘D’ to pray and ask the Lord what he would have her do. ‘D’ took this charge seriously, went home and prayed with a heavy but now soft heart. ‘D’ told us that while praying and asking the Lord what to do she felt the baby moving around and kicking, her heart completely shifted, and she knew she couldn’t end this life inside of her! Instead of a hardened heart set on death, she now had a softened heart set of life, desperate to save her little one.

“D” had come back early that next morning to see about having the procedure reversed and the laminaria removed. Her mom said she was told by clinic staff that the doctor had to see her and would take it out before she could leave. Knowing how deceptive the staff at this mill can be, we implored Fatith to get ‘D’ out as soon as possible and let us help her, we didn’t want them to try and change her mind back or force the abortion on her. We told Faith to call the police if they wouldn’t let her leave. Faith assured us, ‘D’s mind was made up, she wanted to fight for this baby and she would not let them complete the abortion. Finally after Virmani arrived ‘D’ came out. She was very upset, she said they were very mean and rude and she refused to let that man (Virmani) touch her!

Thankfully the mobile ultrasound unit was there, and while we desperately tried to reach our prolife doctor, Dr. Harrison, we were able to minister to her and show her the precious baby that was still safe inside her womb. After a few phone calls by some very resourceful sidewalk counselors, we were able to reach Dr. Harrison who was able to see ‘D’ right away, he met her at a local ER and removed the laminaria himself, sparing this baby’s life.

We spoke with ‘D’ this past week and she couldn’t be more grateful that God put us in her path that day. She said that if no one had questioned her, or challenged her decision, if no one had spoken up for that baby, who knows what would have happened. And today, she still carries the baby safely in her womb!

It’s great to see in a situation like this, and many others we’ve encountered, how the body of Christ is able to come together in the many facets of Prolife ministry to help those in need and rescue the perishing. This baby’s life was spared through the efforts of Operation Save America, Cities4Life, Monroe HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center, and Dr. Matt Harrison. All are just simple Christians following the command to go!