This just in from Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford.  Here is another amazing report from Rescue Rochester of God’s providential hand moving at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Greece, New York.  We spent a lot of time storming the gates of hell there during our National Event last summer.  Our God is indeed and awesome God!


 Dear Friends,

 Since the OSA event in Rochester last July, Rescue Rochester has focused our Saturday morning prayer and proclamation time at Planned Parenthood in Greece, NY. Last July saints from all over the country descended on this outpost of evil, to lift up holy hands in prayer and warfare praise and preach the gospel of the kingdom toward this stronghold of blood-guilt. The next door neighbor greeted us with open arms and allowed us to stand on his property near the entrance and has continued to allow us to use this access these last months.

 Last Saturday, we took up our positions once again. However the parking lot was empty! Sometimes Planned Parenthood has scheduled training gatherings at other locations but there was something different this time.

 Posted on their door was a sign that told of the new hours. Saturdays CLOSED!; and a few other caveats were thrown in. Another sign declared that this was a Hate Free Zone, with another giving pointers how to respond to “protesters” So we take great encouragement that God is on the move at this Planned Parenthood. That the presence of Christians, standing, praying and declaring truth has an effect.There is a crack in the wall and we are thankful to our Lord Jesus for showing us this encouraging development.

 As far as we know, there are no abortion mills open on Saturdays in Rochester. So we are looking to branch out with some afternoon and evening outreaches at some of the other locations in town. Thanks for your prayers and thank-you for coming to Rochester last July to help us push against the evil wall of Child Murder in the Flower City. We remain.

 Yours for the Least of These,

 Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford