Sometimes sidewalk counselors, outside hell’s gates, have incredible opportunities to witness Christ to those just passing by.  Here is one of those amazing instances – divine appointments!




Couple Wrecks Car in front of Houston Womens Center, Closes Facility for over an hour

Meet Krystle, who’s unfortunate turn of events one Saturday morning saved babies, and maybe even her family’s eternal fate.  She had her three children in the car with her when she had an automobile accident which totaled her family’s only working vehicle.  The accident occurred right in front of Houston Womens Clinic, which is situated on a one-way-street.  The accident caused no access to the clinic for over one hour the morning of Saturday, February 22.  She had just left the hospital down the road where her husband, Eduardo was in a post-operative room recovering from a back surgery which had caused him to be out of work for over a month.

 Praise the Lord that the Christians who minister at the sidewalk of that clinic every Saturday were there to help Krystle hold her children while the tow truck took her now unusable vehicle away.  She only had liability insurance, and the wreck was her fault, so the insurance company would not pay for the car.

In 2 days (yes you heard that right), the Houston sidewalk counselors joined together, found a car at a reasonable price, raised the money, had the car detailed, minor issues fixed, and the next Saturday presented the family with the new car you see here in the picture.  It is a PT Cruiser, and the family loves it.

This is the real Church of Jesus Christ in action, and we are so happy to report that Eduardo and Krystle are now attending church in Houston with one of the local sidewalk counselors.  Praise to King Jesus!  Their car wreck saved babies, and saved their family from an eternity without Jesus.