Here is an incredible report from Brandon and Michelle Stewart about the Houston Project.  As most of you know, Houston has 15 abortion mills within its city limits.  It has been left largely untouched by God’s church.

Not any more!  Brandon, Michelle and their family have been going to the exposed places in the wall in their city and God is showing up.  The saints in Houston have found new hope as the theology of heaven is becoming
biography at the gates of hell.


This week we had 5 saves at Houston Women’s Clinic.  What a wonderful week it was for Christians who have tirelessly labored in the city ravaged by the effects of sin.  I am happy to report that the new HB2 legislation is
shutting down 13 of the 15 killing places, by September 1.  We praise and thank King Jesus for this victory.  Now we will be able to more effectively witness as we can conquer by joining together on two sidewalks.  

Today we had fun ministering and were very surprised when the police showed up.  They were not called to come, but nevertheless, three squad cars lined up side to side blocked the one way street’s only two entrances to the
clinic for over 10 minutes.  We are believing that this caused unconfirmed turnaways.

Sometimes sidewalk counselors, outside hell’s gates, have incredible opportunities to witness Christ to those just passing by.  Here is one of those amazing instances – divine appointments!




Couple Wrecks Car in front of Houston Womens Center, Closes Facility for over an hour

Meet Krystle, who’s unfortunate turn of events one Saturday morning saved babies, and maybe even her family’s eternal fate.  She had her three children in the car with her when she had an automobile accident which totaled her family’s only working vehicle.  The accident occurred right in front of Houston Womens Clinic, which is situated on a one-way-street.  The accident caused no access to the clinic for over one hour the morning of Saturday, February 22.  She had just left the hospital down the road where her husband, Eduardo was in a post-operative room recovering from a back surgery which had caused him to be out of work for over a month.

 Praise the Lord that the Christians who minister at the sidewalk of that clinic every Saturday were there to help Krystle hold her children while the tow truck took her now unusable vehicle away.  She only had liability insurance, and the wreck was her fault, so the insurance company would not pay for the car.

In 2 days (yes you heard that right), the Houston sidewalk counselors joined together, found a car at a reasonable price, raised the money, had the car detailed, minor issues fixed, and the next Saturday presented the family with the new car you see here in the picture.  It is a PT Cruiser, and the family loves it.

This is the real Church of Jesus Christ in action, and we are so happy to report that Eduardo and Krystle are now attending church in Houston with one of the local sidewalk counselors.  Praise to King Jesus!  Their car wreck saved babies, and saved their family from an eternity without Jesus.

Brandon and Michelle Stewart are surely starting some Gospel fires in Houston at the gates of hell.  The devil and his minions are none too pleased.  But the “Church Triumphant” is shouting Hallelujah!  While the “Church Militant” in Houston is just beginning to awaken from her long, almost comatose, sleep.

Pray for God’s church in Houston, Texas.



Remember the old hand exercise we did as kids that said “This is the church. This is the steeple.  Open the doors and see all the people.”

I made a new poem up:
“This is the Church
It needs no steeple
Open the doors and
Go love all the people!”

Awesome day today in Houston.  We brought Malachi and witnessed some amazing things.  We believe in so much more to come.  We had church on the street from sun up to sun down.

A wreck blocked the one way street entrance to Houston Women’s Clinic for over an hour and we were able to minister to the family involved in the wreck.  The woman driving totaled her car on the way home from visiting her husband in the hospital for back surgery.  At the end of the day 8 Christians got to visit this man, Eduardo, and minister with his family in his hospital room.  No one in the car accident was hurt, praise HIS name!

Police removed David our frequent demon possessed atheist from the premises for harassing one of the young ladies with explicit language caught on video.  She is filing a restraining order against him so he can no longer
visit the clinic while she is there.  Pray for favor with the judge who signs the order.

We gave out maybe 40 or 50 Abortion violation pamphlets to cars in the street passing by the clinic after the gates closed.

One carful of people asked if we could come speak to their church about abortion.  Elder Shelby Luke from a baptist church south of Houston is having 500 Sing a Little Louder brochures made to take with him as he visits
churches he goes to while he is traveling for his job!  Wow his whole family x 3 generations were street preaching today with us!

We are in the middle of Word in Warfare Houston.  Saves and more saves are preventing us from accomplishing it sprint style so we are running the WIW marathon style.  Revival!

Neighborhood of Dr Rosenfeld (who was informed today – Brandon said to him as he left the clinic “We’re coming to a neighborhood near you.”). We will be adopting this abortionist next Saturday.  Appreciate prayer.

Got to talking about high school outreach with co laborers in Houston, who are seeming to multiply every week HALLELUJAH.  We will pick a location and go soon.

We are thinking about having a big event again in spring break time so more people can come out and help us.  We hope to have overpasses, as well as the clinics covered.  This is so exciting!


Urgent Update on College Station:

New Islamic Community Center opened up 0.9 miles from my church and 5.4 miles from my house.  They had a sort of grand opening yesterday and there were at least 200 of them in full dress on the streets passing out
literature and giving away free food.  Please pray for my pastor as he leads our congregation and hopefully our community to battle this.  Abortion left our city and Islam slid in.  We did not properly give God recognition
corporately for what happened at Planned Parenthood and our community is now overrun with an equally big evil.  Flip, we really need direction and counsel here.  And LOTS of prayer.  Texas A&M is the 5th largest university in the country and has the biggest international student base of those 5.  I believe there is a “cell” here alive and growing, and getting educated, involved, and taking dominion over properties.  I have felt a stirring about Islam as you may remember for a while but I was not expecting it to pop up this way.  Please pray!  My pastor’s name is Tommy Thompson.  Please pray for him and maybe even call and encourage him if you think about it.  Thank him for allowing Brandon and I to be so free to be effective for the kingdom without judgment from our church authority.  He is an amazing pastor.  Our church phone number is 979-846-0777.  He would be encouraged to hear from the likes of you:).

We love you so much.

Heading to bed very exhausted but in a blessed way!

King Jesus reigns (even at 4820 San Jacinto Houston Tx)!