Here is an incredible report from Brandon and Michelle Stewart about the Houston Project.  As most of you know, Houston has 15 abortion mills within its city limits.  It has been left largely untouched by God’s church.

Not any more!  Brandon, Michelle and their family have been going to the exposed places in the wall in their city and God is showing up.  The saints in Houston have found new hope as the theology of heaven is becoming
biography at the gates of hell.


This week we had 5 saves at Houston Women’s Clinic.  What a wonderful week it was for Christians who have tirelessly labored in the city ravaged by the effects of sin.  I am happy to report that the new HB2 legislation is
shutting down 13 of the 15 killing places, by September 1.  We praise and thank King Jesus for this victory.  Now we will be able to more effectively witness as we can conquer by joining together on two sidewalks.  

Today we had fun ministering and were very surprised when the police showed up.  They were not called to come, but nevertheless, three squad cars lined up side to side blocked the one way street’s only two entrances to the
clinic for over 10 minutes.  We are believing that this caused unconfirmed turnaways.