This just in from our good friend Jim Phillips, who spent hundreds of hours bringing Christ to the gates of hell at Westside Clinic in Fort Worth, Texas.

Our God is an awesome God!



“I have seen a wicked, violent man spreading himself like a luxuriant tree in its native soil. Then he passed away, and lo, he was no more; I sought for him, but he could not be found.” – Psalm 37:35,36.

Those defending the preborn in Ft. Worth, Texas saw a welcome sight in the last week of February, 2014. The West Side clinic at 2011 South Las Vegas Trail, which had killed preborn babies since the ‘80s, was up for sale! The chop shop was part of a chain of at least four clinics owned by Ft. Worth businessman Roneal Martin. But beginning about 1987, pro-life pressure from Tarrant County Pro-Life Action Network, led by Rick Horton, kept bringing help, hope, and Jesus every week to clinic customers. Lives were saved as ordinary people did simple things in the name and power of their Savior. Rick was sued at least once and was also fired from a job due to the time spent on defending the most helpless. Clinic owner Roneal Martin suffered the loss of another clinic in Wichita in the 90’s and today it is unknown if his two remaining Louisiana clinics are still open. Planned Parenthood may call pro-lifers nuts and extremists, but by losing at least two clinics to Jesus-led activists, what would clinic owner Martin call the pro-lifers? EFFECTIVE.

Three years ago Martin sold his Ft. Worth clinic to others serving Satan, but the new Texas clinic law passed last year, bringing the killing centers up to merely the standards of safety for tonsillectomies, required abortionists to have local hospital admitting privileges — and the new owners couldn’t find such people. After three months of no admitting privileges, the new owners threw in the towel. Brookes Baker, who’s been leading many Ft. Worth pro-lifers now for years, reported last week the building is vacant and up for sale or lease!

So yes, it’s often cold out there in front of clinics, local churches treat you as people who just landed from another planet, and you may seldom see any babies saved. (I’ve been there, done that.) But keep at it! “For the word of the Lord is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness.” – Psalm 33:4. And never forget — God sees what we don’t.

So often effective pro-life ministry is no more than ordinary people doing simple things. What about you? Are you an ordinary person? If you can go to a football stadium and wave a sign for your home team, can you go to a clinic and show a sign with life-saving, life changing truth? Could you do it if Jesus helped you? Yes? Well, what are you waiting for? FAITHFULNESS IS EFFECTIVE!

Jim Phillips, your Sodom on the Colorado correspondent (that’s Austin, Texas)