The pro-life industry, just like the abortion industry, will do all in its power to maintain itself.  At least the abortion industry is honest enough to come right out and say that a woman’s right to choose eclipses a child’s right to live.  The pro-life industry, on the other hand, says it is doing all it can to save the lives of preborn children and then deliberately sabotages the only piece of legislation that stands forthrightly upon the Word of God declaring all children “Persons” from biological beginnings.  Why?  Because the Pro-life industry is far more concerned with self-preservation than the preservation of those it has sworn to protect. ~ Flip

Mississippi’s 2011 Vote Validates Flip’s Claim: For many years Flip Benham has said that abortion is only legal because those who say they are pro-life Christians won’t try to end it. But how do you prove that? Easy: take a statewide vote and see what happens when such pro-life “leaders” oppose personhood. Yes Amendment 26 received 42% of the vote! This doubles the conventional wisdom of the pro-life industry that 15% to 20% of the public would support a total abortion ban. Yet this doubling was achieved even against opposition from the pro-life governor, the Catholic Church, and National Right To Life. During the decades that the 15% claim was used to discourge efforts to fight for personhood, that argument assumed that if the entire pro-life movementcampaigned for the God-given right to life of the child, still, we might only get 20% of the vote. Yet 30% of liberal Colorado and 42% of Mississippi voted to end all child killing! And this is with much OPPOSITION from these pro-life “leaders.” So what would be the result if they actually supported the effort to legally recognize the child from conception? Unless the Roman Catholic Bishops, and pro-life Republican leaders, and the pro-life industry groups, want to claim that combined they have virtually no public influence whatsoever, it is clear that the additional 8% for victory could have come easily if they had courageously campaigned to uphold the sanctity of the child’s life. “Mississippi’s 42% clearly validates Flip Benham’s claim that the only reason that abortion is legal is because ‘pro-lifers’ don’t care to end it,” says American RTL’s director of research Darrell Birkey. “As Flip says, abortion will end in America when those who call themselves pro-life Christians want it to end.”