We pray that many of you are planning to join us in Jackson, Mississippi, this November 7-11, 2012.  Here is a short report of some of the exciting events that took place as Jason Storms and his School of Evangelism moved into Little Rock, Arkansas, after we had just finished storming the gates of hell at the last free standing abortion mill there. 
The battle is being won by simple little Christians living out their faith in the streets of our cities.  To God be all the glory!      ~ Flip

As Chet Gallagher and I are preparing the way of the Lord in Jackson, MS for our States of Refuge regional event, we received this encouraging report from Jason Storms who leads Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism.  They recently returned from storming the gates of hell in Arkansas. The following is the powerful report. Please pray for our efforts. May the Lord raise up more ministries like FSSE to partner with us to liberate America from bloodguiltiness one state at a time in Jesus holy and mighty name! ~ Rusty

Arkansas Tour Report

By Jason Storms

Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism ventured down south to Arkansas this month to assist in a national pro-life effort. States of Refuge, led by Operation Save America, seeks to bring pro-life ministries in successive waves through the five states in our country with one remaining abortion clinic. If one of these clinics closes its doors we will have our first abortion free state since Roe v Wade!

We focused our outreach the first two days at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway – 30 minutes north of Little Rock. We had excellent crowds gather as we open air preached, displayed signs, and distributed literature.In the south most students are professing Christians and claim to be pro-life. The difficulty we encountered was not getting agreement with our message, but rather getting folks to act pro-life.

We frequently heard such phrases as “I would never have an abortion. I think it’s wrong, but it’s not my place to judge.”  This confusion must be driveling from the pulpits because we heard it like a broken record from good church-going, “saved” folks.

We had some success in contesting these bad ideas as many students told us their mind had changed after listening to the preaching and discussing with members of our group. Just as Paul “reasoned and persuaded” (Acts 17,18, 19) so we too seek to be ambassadors of our King. This requires patience, listening, and boldly setting forth the truth of God’s Word with all the force of reason and conscience bearing down upon them. This is how the Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin, knowledge of God and repentance to a lost soul. It is a joy to partner with the Holy Spirit in the great work of the Gospel.

Arrest in Hot Springs 

One of our young men joined with some locals in Hot Springs for some extra-curricular activities. Hot Springs has a thriving homosexual community. In front of a local “gay” bar seemed like a good place to share the gospel. Unfortunately the local police didn’t think so. Aaron, a young FSSE student, was arrested for standing in front of the bar.  After a short discussion the police asked Aaron to turn around. He thought they were going to check him for weapons and then tell him where he should stand to exercise his First Amendment rights. Instead they cuffed him and took him into jail! The next day as we came to bail him out, an officer at the precinct told me “He was telling folks they were going to hell, you just can’t do that. They had to take him in.” Fortunately the ADF has supplied us with a lawyer, the same attorney defending two other brothers who were arrested at the Little Rock abortion clinic two weeks prior during a States of Refuge event.

The Last Arkansas Surgical Abortion Clinic

The lone clinic in Arkansas flaunts its bloody work in the face of the local church. We were blessed to see a handful of locals interceding for babies headed to their death. It was a privilege to stand with them as a voice and a presence against the bloodshed.

We pray that more Saints in Arkansas would hear the call to stand up boldly for Christ. Cowering in the comforts of our suburban community churches will not satisfy Christ’s command to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. We were tremendously blessed by the few brave locals who stood on the streets with us, who showed us such love and hospitality, and who fearlessly let their lights shine before men that they may see their good works and glorify their Father in heaven. We pray for them and that the Lord would add to their numbers.

May the continued efforts of the States for Refuge campaign awaken a Spirit of Revival amongst God’s people and end abortion in this nation! Thank you for all your prayers and support on behalf of our labor for Christ and the voiceless.


In Christ,

Jason Storms

Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism