Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford, of Rescue Rochester, have been long time “gentle warriors” for the Gospel of Christ and the lives of preborn children in the city of Rochester, New York.  Recently they had a divine appointment.  Mike’s story about this appointment will bless you. ~ Flip

A few years ago our church viewed a special movie put out by Focus of the Family titled, “A Man Called Norman”; an account of a simple man, who some would say was mentally challenged, yet whose life taught timeless lessons. This past week on the sidewalk in front of the most prestigious employer in Rochester, we met Norman’s twin. He was a simple man, dressed in worn and stained slacks, untied dress shoes and wearing thick glasses. He was probably in his late 60’s and as we passed each other he stopped to ask us why we were holding signs at this hospital.

The University of Rochester Medical Center has become the largest employer in the greater Rochester, NY metropolitan area. It has replaced Kodak, and Xerox hands down. It is a teaching hospital and associated with the nearby University of Rochester. The URMC disciples future abortion providers; it is here that doctor and nursing students are trained in the black art of abortion. As abominable as this is, the URMC has an associated research wing that pioneered various abortion techniques and the RU-486 protocols. Embryonic stem cell research is also ensconced in the hallowed halls of its immense campus. We have C.S. Lewis’s “That Hideous Strength” come to life on Elmwood Ave. The teaching and research faculty boasts PhD’s and Doctorate programs and scientific and intellectual pursuits that make my head spin; it has world renowned reputation. Yet for all the brain trust stockpiled in this medical research and teaching hospital this non descript little old man had more wisdom and common sense in his little finger.

As we passed each other, Norman’s twin stopped turned and asked with simple broken speech, “What Does Your Sign Mean?” One sign read “Many Children Killed Here” and the other, “It’s A Baby Not a Choice”. We explained that the hospital kills babies that were not wanted by their mother. We continued to explain what abortion does; that the doctors kill the babies while they are inside their mamas and that they are then thrown away. The hospital also teaches doctors and nurses how to do this.

He was dumbfounded. He tried to understand. “What do they Do!?” he asked “They kill babies the moms don’t want!?” He then said, “If I killed you on this sidewalk, I would go to jail; these doctors should go to jail! It’s wrong! Why would they do that!?” He continued, “My mommy didn’t want me but foster parents did. I’m alive! These mommies could use adoption.”

This simple man knew more than all the PhDs, professors, doctors, medical students and many of the staff in this teaching hospital. He was wiser than most that sit in Congress and on our judicial benches. He saw with more moral clarity than many of our seminary trained pastors and church leaders. His simple message uttered in front of the rich and highly regarded University of Rochester Medical Center, filled with men and women of worldly letters; revealed a light of truth in a very dark place and exposed the hypocrisy of this medical institution. 

Submitted by,

 Mike Warren

Rescue Rochester