There are not enough words in the English language to wrap themselves around the concept that, “the wages of sin is death…” than this Planned Parenthood promotional picture.  A poor, worn out, old white woman who has chosen for herself most of her life and is now left with a vacuous nothing.  She is all that she has got.  There is nothing else for her.  This is it.  She has killed her children, lived her life as she saw fit, reached for all the gusto she could get, and now – in the twilight of her years – is left with… herself.

Jesus, please rescue her.  She is lost, silly, and without hope in this world.  

Planned Parenthood "I had an abortion" 

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  1. WorldGoneCrazy says:

    “Look at me – I killed my baby!” Next, there will be videos of the abortion – keepsakes for “women” like these. I met a pro-abort the other day who told me that children are the property of their parents, and they should be allowed to be killed up to the age of 18! Read the caption of the above picture: the irony, lost on Planned MurderHood, is that this misguided woman would not be raising her flabby arms, she would not even be alive, if not for the fact that her Mom did indeed inconvenience herself, for her sake, for 18 years. Look closely at this woman’s eyes: they are as dead as those of her baby’s.

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