The battles in the Texas and North Carolina legislatures are preparing the way to bring our Gospel battle into the streets of Rochester, New York, this July 24-31, 2013.  Right into the belly of the beast!  If you ever wondered how David felt facing the giant Goliath; show up in Rochester and allow your theology to become biography at the gates of hell (local abortion mills) of this once blessed city.  All the bastions of hell are arrayed in force to shut us up. 

We just received a letter (a welcome letter?) from the Attorney General of the State of New York, telling us where we are not allowed to speak the Name of Jesus on a public sidewalk outside any of the six abortion mills in that city.  Planned Parenthood has been granted an entire block where gentle Christians will not be allowed on public sidewalks.  It is amazing how sodomites can parade their sin like Sodom on all venues, anywhere and anytime, yet gentle Christians are censored from bringing the Gospel of Christ to moms in crisis pregnancy situations.  

It is amazing how God directs our steps into His great big plan (Proverbs 16:9) as we make our small and feeble plans. Thank you Jesus!

What an awesome God we serve! ~ Flip

It is not everyday that people take the time to contact a minister and let them know how they were impacted by their ministry. Today, a pastor from Rochester, NY, where we are scheduled to conduct our national event at the end of this month actually took the time to do so. He sent the following letter. As you read his note, keep in mind that he is a black pastor. He plans on joining with us as we storm the gates of hell in his city. Praise God! 

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

July 3, 2013

Dear Brother Rusty,

God bless you as you are in the receipt of this letter. I trust that all is well with you, your family, and your ministry. My name is Michael Vaughn and I am the senior pastor of New Wineskin Ministries, Inc. located in Rochester, NY. I met you when you came to Rochester and spoke at a luncheon that Pastor Michael Warren had in preparation of the Operation Save America event that is to take place in Rochester the week of 24-31 July 2013.

I was very impressed with your passion around the abortion issue and you brought forth some very interesting points that I had never heard before. I have always been pro-life but you helped to provide some more fodder when I am in discussions with people that are on the other side. During this luncheon you gave me a book and shared with me about the DVD called, “Maafa 21” Pastor Warren sent me that DVD and it was indeed enlightening. I shared a portion of it with my church this past Sunday.

I have enclosed a donation to your ministry and want to encourage you to continue the fight for the unborn! I plan to be at the event during the week of 24-31 July and will be praying for you and the other leaders of this event. God bless you for your sacrifice for the work that He has called you to do.

God bless you,

Michael Vaughn

Sr. Pastor, New Wineskin Church