Rusty and the leadership in Rochester give us a great look back upon much of what our Lord accomplished during our national event in Rochester, NY. ~ Flip

By the grace of God, the Thomas Nation has returned home from a tremendous missions trip in Rochester, NY. Saints from all over America converged in Rochester for our annual national event. It turned out so different than what we expected. We thought we were going to get pummeled, both legally and physically. As it turned out, though the Attorney General’s office retained its commitment to enforce the permanent injunction against peaceful, pro-life Christians, God granted us tremendous favor with the local police. They gave us Carte Blanche. We pretty much did whatever and went wherever the Lord led us with practically no interference from the police. in fact, in some cases they assisted us in presenting the Gospel of the Kingdom that exposed the culture of death savaging our nation.


Mike Warren our local leader, along with Jerry Crawford, sent us this communication after the event ended. 


Thanks again for pouring into Rochester and our ministry. Many have told us it was an awesome event and we are trusting that the precious seed of the gospel that was spread throughout the city will spring up with much fruit. The Crawfords, the Warrens, and the Powleys got together Sunday night to pray and evaluate our time and hear of each teams’ effectiveness on the streets. Rusty, I took the liberty of posting your report on the RR web site. It gives a great run down of the event. I hope you all are recovering from all the exertion.

We are looking to the Lord for the wisdom and strength to take the next steps and have some follow up meetings and invites going out for the saints to join us on the streets. From what we can determine the Rochester area Planned Parenthood and clinics altered their schedules greatly and might have never opened while OSA was in town. I know Wortman’s was closed most of the week at least from Thursday through the following Wednesday.

An appreciation letter from my brother-in-law Gary is attached. We had a follow up meeting with Shawanda, the girl with no legs who was wonderfully saved at the Federal Building, and a few others and watched Maafa 21 just last night. Leo, the young man who was saved, could not make it. But he should come for the second half showing on the 19th. Shawanda starts classes and moves on campus at RIT soon.  Jean and I are trying to plug them into local churches near their homes and will be visiting them. Leo lives just two blocks from a sponsoring church that made us some lunches.

We have scheduled our first volunteer meeting for August 17th and will be calling on pastors (29 church contacts were established during this event) these next few weeks. I am ordering more Maafa 21’s for the large number of black churches our people visited. This was a great answer to prayer as we have desired to make some connection with the black community over the years.

In Him,



Local Pastor’s Letter


Christian Fellowship Church

‘Doing life Together’

36 Heritage Woods Ct.           Rochester, NY 14615                        (585) 748-6089

Gary W. Pfeiffer, pastor